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Coffee Sensor Thermometer

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Coffee Sensor Thermometer

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Coffee Sensor offers you the new 2019 model of the universal adapter and thermometer. The purpose of our sensor is to indicate several valuable information for the coffee machine user, like the group head idle temperature and the water temperature just near the coffee puck.

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Coffee Sensor offers you the new 2019 model of the universal adapter and thermometer.

The 2019 model comes with a modified cylinder zone (for better compatibility with some special designs group head like Vibiemme) and shorter tip, for even more accurate readings than our previous version.


The sensor is compatible with any HX and SBDU E61 group head, with a M6 thread inside. We offer lifetime warranty for all metal parts manufactured by our company. This includes of course the Universal Adapter made from Stainless Steel. The thermometer is covered by full 1 year warranty.

We cannot offer warranty for the consumables such gaskets, copper washers, battery. Comprised of a stainless steel adapter and digital thermometer, Coffee Sensor Thermometer provides instant feedback to the user. The two main benefits are:

  • Knowing the group head idle temperature;
  • Knowing the water temperature right near the brew point/coffee puck.

Thus providing repeatable, empirical information to help take the guesswork out of the process.


The installation of the Coffee Sensor Thermometer doesn’t need special tools, conditions or high tech knowledge. Therefore, you just have to make sure the E61 coffee machine is turned off and cooled down. Remove the Allen head located just on front of the group head and replace it with our product. No need for Teflon tape, sealant, cutting or any sort of adaptations. Everything you need to install our product is located in the retail box. The most important condition is to make sure that your coffee machine model has an E61 exposed group head.

Please understand that the Coffee Sensor Thermometer is located just near the coffee puck, at a maximum of 1.25″ above. So the readings the sensor gives you are a little bit different comparing to the actual temperature of the water that hits the puck. Feel free to add a maximum 2 degrees Celsius above the readings to calculate a more realistic extraction temperature.
Depending of the construction type of your coffee machine, the readings can vary between different espresso machine manufacturers. Usually the difference is into the angle of witch the sensor is inserted into the group head.

The thermometer has both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. Switch freely using the button from the thermometer.

Features and benefits:

  • Single body stainless steel adapter that makes this product one of the safest of its kind. Because there are no joints / bolts into the adapter, accidental torn and hot water splash can not occur;
  • Digital thermometer with Celsius / Fahrenheit switch button. Working temperature of the thermometer: between -50 and 200 degrees;
  • Two copper sealing washers offered into the box (one spare), that are highly resistant to friction and high temperature for longer periods of time than classical rubber or Teflon washers;
  • One battery;
  • Full installation kit and written instructions in the box. The installation kit consists of one Allen key, one fix 10 mm key and two copper sealing washers (one spare).

Technical Specification

Technical Specification


37 x 61 mm

Front overall size

37 mm diameter

LCD display size

20 x 7.5 mm




Additional Information

Model No
Grinder Model No


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