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Gaggia Classic Caffè Italia Special Edition
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Gaggia Classic Caffè Italia Special Edition

List Price: GBP 399.00
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270.36 EUR 1,971.32 DKK 2,527.82 SEK
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Gaggia Classic Caffé Italia Special Edition

Accessories included in this promotion are original parts. These accessories are not included in the original package. This is an initiative promoted by Caffè Italia which has no relation to the standard equipment supplied by the manufacturer.

We are happy finally to announce the last born from Gaggia: the New Gaggia Classic. 

At Caffè Italia we decided to make this machine even more special ! We decided to build a custom filter holder spout in Copper Chromed in replacement of the original plastic one.Here below some details of the new Spout:

With this new model you will get more versatility with the New Gaggia Latte Art Pannarello Wand equipped with an anti-burning Cool Touch System. Before one of the major issue was the quality of the steam arm which now has been completely redesigned to make an amazing foam easily and fast.Here some details of the new Latte Art Pannarello installed on the Wand, as you can see the pannarello is now divided in 2 main pieces that can be easely removed from the wand cleaned and put them back.

The wand itself is now no longer directly connected to the boiler, is finally independent and connected with a 180 Degrees high temperature pipe. The wand itself is adjustable and it can move around at 360 degree.

The Gaggia Classic II 2017 is now equipped also with the Crema Perfetta device which will allow you will be able to make a Fantastic creamy espresso !The Crema Perfetta is set by pressurized filter baskets, if you prefer to do not use pressurized filter basket you can purchase no pressurized filter basket here.The Gaggia Classic coffee machine would be our nomination for the all time best ever selling coffee machine ever made!  When we exhibit at Home Shows we are always amazed at the number of people who boast of their Gaggia Classic machine.  It's one of those rare examples where a coffee machine has been for such a length of time that it may truly be considered a Classic.

The Gaggia Classic is indeed a true classic.  With great design and build quality the Gaggia Classic will go on making great coffee long after many other coffee machines have been laid to rest.

Some Key Features on the GAGGIA Classic II 2017

The Pump:

At the heart of the Gaggia Classic coffee machine is an electric pump made by by Defona the model is the PHOENIX-50 A2P 03 operating at 53 watts.  This is the strongest pump in its class.  Here below a picture of the new pump. As you can see from the picture Gaggia in the New Classic 2017 completely redisegned the structure where the pump is located. In the older version there was a major issue on the stirrup which was often breaking down.


A New Stainless steel Boiler class AAA:

Also the Gaggia Classic II 2017’s unique boiler system incorporates 2 heating elements.  These heating elements are embedded into the sides of the boiler so as to avoid damage due to corrosion.

The advantages of the Classic’s unique boiler stainless steel boiler are:

The heating element is protected from corrosion.(a major reason other machines often are needing repairs)

The entire boiler becomes a highly efficient heating element andHeating stability is greatly enhanced. 

This new Boiler installed just in our New Gaggia Classic II 2017 is finally made in stainless steel, in the previous version was made in alluminium which is not good infact exposed at high temperature it was relesasing aluminum oxide on the water.

Finally in this version with the decision of redesign the boiler completely using stainless steel this problem has been now solved.

The boiler of the Gaggia Classic 2017 II is now bigger: the capacity is now 250 ml, before it was just 80 ml. This will let you have more coffee constant pressure and more steam for your capuccino’s.

Another important feature is the Save Energy system controlled by a dedicate motherboard

will make you save money from your electricity bill and will electronically handle always a perfect temperature on your machine. It will automatically goes in standby if is not being used for more than 15 min. The boiler in general is more efficient now in the Gaggia Classic 2015 II it works better than before absorbing less amount of electricity.

It’s equipped also with two thermostats and thermal protector safety, this will guarantee full protection on your machine.

Full size Portafilter and more:

The New Gaggia Classic II 2017  brews coffee the same way a commercial machine does.  The Classic even has a commercial size, 58mm, portafilter.  The large size of the filter holder ensures the water is distributed evenly through the coffee.  This is part of the reason why the Gaggia Classic is able to produce such good coffee.

The group head and filter holder are made cast brass and are chrome plated.  Cast brass is the best way to keep the temperature stable during the brewing cycle because it retains heat, By using cast brass, as is used in commercial machines, the Gaggia Classic produces shots that rival your best café coffees.

Some other surprise features:

The controls on the Classic are simple and robust in use, Indicator lights let you know when operating temperature has been achieved and when milk frothing can take place.  Hot water can be dispensed through the steam wand simply by turning on the pump and turning the steam knob for other drinks like hot chocolate or soups.

You can use ESE pods with this machine along with ground coffee. The ideal solution is that you purchase a separate grinder, this will gurantee better results and much more crema in the cup. Here a list of grinders we recommend you along with your Gaggia Classic II 2017 Ed.

Below all the the accessories you will receive with this amazing new Gaggia Classic II 2017 Ed.

The body has been redesigned and is in stainless steel cast it has a better appeal than before.

The newly designed turbo frother makes it easier to froth milk than the older models.  The cup warmer is directly over the boiler so that it works very efficiently and the large drip tray slides straight out for easy cleaning.

Here are some specifications for the Gaggia Classic II 2017 Coffee Machine

1) Structure: Stainless Steel

2) Dimensions:(HxWxD): 38x23x24 cm

3) Weight: 8 kg

4) Power supply: 230-240V-50Hz,

5) Powerful 15 bar pump

6) Removable 30 cup reservoir

7) Includes 2 stainless filter baskets, coffee tamper & measuring spoon


Weight and dimensions
Product dimensions: 23,0 x 24,0 x 38,0 cm
Water tank capacity: 2,1 l

Technical data
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 1050 W
Pump Pressure: 15 bar
Voltage: 230 V
Boiler: Stainless Steel

Materials and finishing: stainless steel

Cupholder: Yes
Hot water / Steam Nozzle: Yes
Interface: Direct buttons
Simultaneous brewing: Yes
Suitable for Kit Pods E.S.E.: Yes

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Gaggia Classic for classic coffee

Stephen Draper

My steam machine finally got so blocked I couldn't descale the frother any more, so an upgrade was necessary. I always thought the tasting notes on the coffee packets were a bit over the top, but from the very first espresso, there they were, the "nutty, caramel notes" of flavour that I'd never tasted in homemade coffee.

No problems setting up or using this machine, even the mysterious extra piece of plastic appears in a diagram that folds out from the back of the user guide. Skimmed milk frothed perfectly at the first attempt, so if it's really going to get better with practice, the results will be spectacular. It's really easy to remove the frother nozzle and rinse it as soon as you've finished.

A proper espresso machine

Rolo "rolo211"

I switched to this after selling an expensive DeLonghi bean-to-cup machine that seemed great in theory but never made good coffee. I never looked back. The Gaggia Classic is a solid, well-made espresso machine that, used properly, will give you a coffee as good or better than your favourite coffee shop. As on a professional machine, the portafilter and group head (that's the bit that holds the coffee and what it connects to) are chromed brass which means they help keep the heat constant. The brush stainless steel body looks good and should last a lifetime. There is nothing to compare to it at this price.

But there are things you need to get right: you need good coffee beans and a good grinder. The grind has to be fine enough (and tamped right) so the water does not pass through the coffee too quickly nor too fine so that it takes minutes to drip through (it should take 20 to 25 seconds for an espresso). Get those wrong and you will be very disappointed. Frothing the milk for cappuccino takes a bit of practice too (not his machine's greatest strength), but get all that right and this machine will make great coffee.

Professional Quality at Home

JonnyD75 "jonny-d"

This is essentially a professional grade coffee machine which you can have at home without taking up a whole kitchen counter. It is simple to use with few electronic parts to fail. Gaggia have been making this machine for years and it is reliable, solid and very easy to repair. I've had mine for 5 years, and it'd delivered excellent coffee throughout that time with only occasional gasket changes (costing pence) and one service (again cheap).

What a revelation

Rowan Purdy

This product has revolutionised mornings in our household. I have used it to produce the best flat white coffee I have ever had outside of New Zealand / Australia. Well worth paying extra for the quality that Gaggia offer.

Top tips
1. Use quality beans and grinder
2. Dispense 1 cupful of hot water before each use
3. Leave the coffee holder to heat for at least 5 mins
4. Use full fat milk for quality froth

Gaggia Classic-easy&perfect

Coffee guzzler

I've now owned this for a day, and had about 10 cups so far!-everyone perfect. Espresso, double espresso, capucchino, flat white, americano......
Out the box, turn on, follow set-up; away! Ignore comments about removing water tank-you fill this from the top, I use filtered water already in kettle, use in this as well. Also you CAN swing the steam spout round onto the drip tray, but not really necessary, just tiny drips at end if any.
I have this jammed in with everything else in kitchen, but needs not much other space other than its 'footprint'. Noise wise, its slightly quieter than an electric coffee grinder, for the few secionds it takes to run a coffee. Milk frothing easy, just used a small china jug but will get the Gaggia one soon. Great hot chocolate as well.
So solid especially the filter handle in brass-equivalent of copper pans for cooking, just stays warm. Instant hot water too.
Off for another cup now, do try different coffees with it also.

Would buy again

Graham Turnbull

This is a great product. Single cup basket doesn't really work but as long as you like a double shot, this won't be a problem. I understand there is a £50 rebate going around so this would be a great time to buy. I have had mine for a few years and it is used at least twice a day. Very reliable.

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