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Quick Mill Coffee Machine SemiAutomatic Cassiopea

Quick Mill Coffee Machine SemiAutomatic Cassiopea

List Price: GBP 635.00
Price: GBP 561.00 (VAT Incl.)
662.32 EUR 4,829.31 DKK 6,192.60 SEK
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Coffee machine with two thermobloques QUICK MILL SYSTEM:
This enabled the supply of coffee, water and steam at the same time and independently.
Supply of steam and water without limits. To save energy the second thermoblock for steam / water can be stopped by switch.
Double thermostatic control. Thermo lead safety.
Steam nozzle with aerator for heating beverages and make Cappuccinos.
Pressure gauge to monitor pressure during the delivery of coffee.
QUICK MILL SYSTEM for small professional coffee machines assures the best quality
Espresso at a perfect temperature. QUICK MILL SYSTEM allows to achieve the function
temperature in short time - 45 / 50 seconds, avoids limestone scaling therefore preserving
coffee fragrance. QUICK MILL SYSTEM assures a constant steam production and avoids
maintenance costs.


Technical Data
Measures (LxAxP) 25 x 38 x 31 cm
Weight 11.2 Kg
Voltage 230 Vac 50 Hz 115 Vac 60 Hz
Power 2080 Watt
27 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.7 / 5 (Show All)

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Super professional filter holder for the fast home use

D. Haase "daha"

Have this machine now for 12 months and am still very happy with the results. Clearly, such a device is not designed for the average consumer to get served coffee on "pushing a button". One must and can be coffee brewing here already celebrate something. After a short training period on the quantity and fineness of the ground coffee, you can enjoy coffee, espresso and cappuccino, especially first class! As appropriate coffee grinder I have Gastroback 42639, super device! Personally, I usually refer me Cappuccino with this machine and am amazed at the taste again. The only drawback, if you order espresso or cappuccino outside the cafe, one very rarely gets an equivalent offer. Despite all the accolades, a disadvantage so far I could elicit the device. - The steam nozzle is firmly in the slope angle, this can be only up and down swing, which may be from time to time impractical. For steam nozzle still a little tip from me: - Does This white plastic part of the nozzle from and you get 1a milk foam! Not only the deposited under this plastic part milk residues and this possibly very firmly adhere to the nozzle and block them, the milk foam is also much fine-pored and sähmiger without this part -.!> So right down so that the "roles" and "pull" the perfect milk froth, of course you have to practice a little. Next crucial point, the milk jug. Have now "unfortunately" a few attempts, but only one can warmly recommend, here the milk foam is best just for beautiful patterns on the Cappu: . Cafelat professional Milchkaennchen, have here the 0.4l version of me strong buy recommendation!

Quite outstanding

Joe Wod

Have the machine now in use for 6 weeks and are very satisfied. What we like the short warm-up time and the simultaneous milk preparation through the second water heater. By Heater never stale water, through the copper pipes certainly also lead-free. Good workmanship. Edelstahlsiebträger for our taste very good. Easy to replace water by lateral container without having to take the cups of the hot plate. Very stable water tank. Can highly recommend the machine.

Long-term experience

finely buy "fine buy"

I have Quickmill here even pronounce a big praise. I have the machine for about 10 years in daily use. It is already much has been described here, so I'll keep this short. This machine is incredibly durable and extremely practical I had in all these years not a single problem, nothing was leaking, nothing has happened. It also heats up extremely fast and makes superb coffee. I recommend Expresso coffee Langen or if it should be even cheap, if need be the beans of Penny (no joke!).

complicated but top


The device is a madness, great coffee taste and top design ..... but
only weak point: The manual is to throw! I was soooo very pleased to have a coffee but until it was time, hours passed and about 1kg coffee!
It requires talent, skill and a lot of patience when setting right the coffee powder!
For all who have problems with the setting of the grinder, here is a solution :
the empty bean holder clockwise until it is no longer, then pour in the beans and then the container against rotation the Urhzeigersinn, I've set it to 2.5.
Good succeed, hard work but worth it ... promised :)

5the best


So I have since 2 years and I am pleased seer, must be Venn said Erlich ,, I buy a

Machine à café super

Anna Worle

Nous avons donné de suite la machine et ils sont venus de super et rend le café brillante. Définitivement recommandable:
Opération facile et bonne introduction.

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