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La Spaziale S1-II Mini Vivaldi Black Coffee Machine

La Spaziale S1-II Mini Vivaldi Black Coffee Machine

List Price: GBP 1,999.00
Price: GBP 1,290.00 (VAT Incl.)
1,411.39 EUR 10,489.51 DKK 13,461.15 SEK
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La Spaziale's Mini-Vivaldi II has an internal water tank, making it a great fit for those who want a double boiler machine but don't wish to allocate plumbing lines for their espresso machine. The Mini-Vivaldi II has a patented coffee delivery system. Utilizing dry steam, drawn from the highest point in the boiler, it maintains a constant stabile temperature at the Group Head. The design also contributes to reduced lime and calcium deposits lowering the cost of maintenance. The La Spaziale Mini-Vivaldi II is a great choice for the discriminating home barista without the need for allocated plumbing.
 Superior temperature control starts with a 1.2 liter boiler for hot water and steam and .45 liter boiler for brewing. Both boilers are completely independent, turning on and off according to the needs of each, and can be on at the same time. The boiler control button can toggle the steam/water boiler on and off. This mode is useful for those that only drink espresso and do not need steam or hot water and want to conserve energy.
The programmable volumetric dosing feature allows programming of the single & double cup control buttons to dispense whatever quantities of espresso the user desires. Select your ideal shot volume and then easily brew shot after shot with one touch.
Conveniently located on the front of the machine and indicated on the LED display, the temperature selector enables you to choose the espresso brewing temperature, in 1°C increments ranging from 91°C to 97°C.
The dual gauges help you to easily monitor boiler and pump output pressure.
A 4-Hole swiveling steam wand is made of stainless steel and features 4 .9mm holes for improved steaming functionality. Hot water for Americanos or brewing tea is delivered via a separate dispenser next to the steam wand. The .9mm 4-hole steam tip significantly improves your ability to create smooth microfoam with the Mini-Vivaldi II.
Sophisticated controls using internal sensors will activate the heater when a temperature drop of at least ½°C is detected. This functionality provides an extremely precise temperature reading in both the steaming and brew-group boilers, resulting in enhanced performance and superior shot extraction.
Driven electronically, the boiler will automatically refill and is mediated by a built-in safety thermostat to ensure excellent temperature regulation without the worry of boiling it dry.
The pull-out 3 liter fresh water reservoir with an integrated water softener allows you to fill less often.
The quiet internal vibratory pump has a built-in cut off safety feature.
The cup tray on the Mini-Vivaldi II has been improved with additional use of stainless steel.
size 415 x 415 x 385 cm -weight 30 kg 

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Electronic one group coffee machine
Proportioned dose setting
Electric heating
Electronic temperature regulation for coffee delivery group
Electronic temperature control of the boiler for hot water and steam delivery
Built-in safety thermostats
Temperature indicated by LED display
Semi-automatic hot water delivery for infusions
Built-in vibrating pump
0,45 liter boiler for coffee delivery
1,2 liter boiler for hot water and steam delivery
Internal 3 liter tank
1 hot water outlet and 1 steam wand
Power supply: 230/110 V - 50/60 Hz
Absorption of the machine: 1200W boiler heating element / 800W group heating element
Fault diagnosis alarm
Economy function (maximum absorption 1200W)
Dimensions: 415x415x385
Power supply and power absorption
Volt 230 Hz50 W 800

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