Many models of coffee machines have made design their main distinctive feature. In these years, these models have become iconic devices that have made the history of design by entering fully into the collective imagination

Some models stand out for their elegant and refined shapes, some for the materials used, for the performance of use and others for the design made by great international designers.

Below is a selection of some coffee machine models that have used the design as a characteristic element of their offer, becoming essential models for all lovers of design and of course coffee.

Elektra Mini Vertical A1


Product Details
The retro design of great visual impact 

The domestic proposal in reduced dimensions of the famous "Belle Epoque" vertical model. The retro design of great visual impact is proposed in two color versions. The body is entirely made of copper and brass with the integration of the cup compartment.

Victoria Arduino Venus Family

Quick Mill Monza Evo 05009

Product Details
bodywork is handmade by expert craftsmen

Venus Family is a precious design object to show at home and in the office, demonstrating at the same time a functional coffee machine, simple and with excellent performance. The bodywork is handmade by expert craftsmen and is available in three color versions.

Victoria Arduino Theresia


Product Details
Theresia is designed like a diamond

Theresia, designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, is an espresso coffee machine designed for the connoisseur of coffee who wants to have at home, in the boat or in the office a technologically advanced tool able to extract excellent espresso coffees and fragrant cappuccinos. The machine body, completely in stainless steel Supermirror, is designed like a diamond

Faema E61 Jubilé A1 1 Group Automatic


Product Details
vintage design and the pure steel body

Faema E61 is always updated in terms of functionality and technical features, but the vintage design and the pure steel body remain the cornerstones that give the model prestige, refinement and elegance.

Nuova Era Arabika


Product Details
Its modern line winks at a proud past

Arabika pays tribute to the tradition and the Italian experience in the preparation of coffee. The piston system takes us with thought to the 50s but with the taste of a present full of flavors. Its modern line winks at a proud past