Gaggia Classic Pro Coffee Maker

In 2019 Gaggia launched the new Classic Pro line on the market, quintessence of the incredible tradition and design of Gaggia Milano. Classic Blue, Industrial Grey, Polar White, Cherry Red and Thunder Black are the five new colors that have been selected to give a special touch to your favourite manual espresso machine.

 Gaggia Classic Pro Coffee Maker

A closer look at the Classic Pro industrial grey model

Gaggia Classic Pro Industrial Grey is the new version of a top-of-the-range manual coffee maker for home use. A professional group, portafilter and steam nozzle, compact size, classic design and a 15 bar pump - the perfect way to have a soft espresso and white coffee at home.

The Gaggia Classic Pro industrial grey strengthens the decades-long reputation of its predecessor. With an updated commercial steam wand, rocker switches, temperature control lights, and a streamlined body, the 100% Italian-made Gaggia Classic Pro industrial gray is the best entry-level espresso machine on the market.

This wonderful unit was born in 2019, almost 30 years after the original Gaggia Classic, which is considered the best in the entry-level range. Gaggia Classic Pro industrial grey brings many improvements: like its predecessor, it is equipped with a rapid heating boiler, 3-way solenoid valve and a standard 58 mm filter holder made of chrome-plated brass. The novelty is the commercial style steam nozzle that can create a rich and velvety milk foam for all lovers of milk drinks.

This fabulous Gaggia Classic Pro also has different toggle switches for feed, brew and steam. The body has also changed, the recesses in the frame make it easier to remove the water tank, while the drip tray with rounded edges has been modified. The decompression channel has a rubber handle for safe and easy removal. Inside the kettle, it has built-in heating elements and is ready for preparation in about five minutes. The transition to steam takes another sixty seconds and a quick rinse allows you to immediately find the optimal infusion temperature. The pumping in the Gaggia Classic Pro industrial gray has been made even quieter thanks to improvements to the pump bracket, which reduce noise during operation.

 Classic Pro industrial grey model


Each Gaggia Classic Pro comes with a plastic tamper, a standard basket for single and double and a double pressure basket and a two-way pin. You can use both pre-ground and freshly ground coffee, but we recommend using freshly ground coffee with a grinder. This unit makes authentic homemade espresso more accessible to both beginners and experts.

In Gaggia Classic Pro industrial grey, the head of the group and the chromed brass filter holder have the same style, size, ring and functionality as in commercial settings. As a result, the cup of coffee becomes more and more full-bodied at a constant temperature.

The 3-way solenoid valve releases the pressure in the filter holder immediately after the shot has been removed. The water flows through the valve from the filter basket into the drip tray, creating a dry coffee slice that makes cleaning easier.

You can use ESE powder or pods. Fill the portafilter with freshly ground coffee or place an ESE pod inside. In both cases you get an extraordinary espresso with a perfect crema.

 Gaggia Classic Pro

Unleash your inner barista at home

The Gaggia Classic Pro Industrial Grey has been the top choice of home bartenders around the world for decades, with buttons and indicators. It's a machine that was created to set the bartender free in your home. This made in Italy gem is the perfect combination of tradition and espresso quality in a stainless steel housing. Designed for home baristas who want to perfect coffee making, it offers exceptional espresso and latte art; for a traditional Italian coffee experience at home.

This Gaggia Classic Pro Industrial Grey is ideal for those who appreciate the intricacies of a quality espresso. The head of the group made of chrome-plated brass and the portafilter are identical to those of professional coffee machines. Together with the traditional Gaggia kettle and the 15 bar pump, they ensure a stable temperature throughout the fermentation process. A 3-way solenoid valve releases the pressure in the filter holder after the extraction is complete and removes excess water for easier cleaning. For additional convenience, the Gaggia Classic Pro Industrial Grey is equipped with three filters that can hold both ground coffee and ESE pods. Develop your barista rituals with the Gaggia Classic Stainless Steel espresso machine.


Gaggia Classic Pro industrial grey, designed and produced in Italy, can be purchased in our Caffè Italia online stores. You will fall in love with this this beautiful Gaggia machine which combines the charm of an industrial machine for domestic use.