Sage, an Australian company specializing in the production of automatic coffee machines, is relaunching on the market four models dedicated to the domestic segment, a market that is increasingly attentive to functionality and demanding in terms of quality.

Within this scenario, SAGE launches four different models with the aim of making the buyer "a bartender at home". The four models differ in functional characteristics and price range but are nevertheless united by four key elements: dose, pressure, temperature and value.

Let's go through the four reference models together.

Sage Bambino Plus


The Bambino Plus model is considered the entry level of the Sage domestic range. The coffee machine is equipped with a professional filter holder capable of perfectly dosing the quantity of coffee needed for the 54mm filter holder. The machine has a heating time of only 3 seconds and allows you to froth the milk in a simple and functional way thanks to the automatic steam wand.

Sage Barista Express


Barista Express is considered one of the best-selling models in the Sage domestic range. The machine, thanks to the presence of a pressure gauge, allows a volumetric control of the pressure inside the filter holder. This feature allows you to obtain a state of the art espresso coffee. The machine is also equipped with a conical blade coffee grinder that inserts the right amount of coffee directly into the filter holder.

Sage Barista Pro


Barista Pro is the most advanced model that allows accurate control of the temperature which remains constant at 93 degrees from the beginning to the end of the extraction. The machine is equipped with a convenient display from which it is possible to adjust the 5 temperature levels for infusion and control all aspects of beverage preparation. The machine is equipped with a Thermojet rapid heating system that allows you to reach the extraction temperature in just 3 seconds.

Sage Oracle Touch


Oracle Touch, on the other hand, is the top-of-the-range model with advanced grinding, pressing and dosing functions. The machine is equipped with a double boiler system and a large display with which it is possible to control all the grinding, extraction and preparation of milk and cream. Oracle Touch also features a safety valve that limits the maximum pressure during extraction, thus preventing the coffee from taking on a bitter taste. This is usually a feature reserved for professional coffee machines. The OneTouch function, on the other hand, is reserved for lovers of American coffee who, with a simple click, can enjoy a long coffee prepared to perfection.


Sage has relaunched these four models with the aim of satisfying all functional and budgetary needs of consumers. Caffè Italia presents the complete SAGE range within its assortment. Visit our store for more information.