Do you want to create a small bartender station inside your kitchen? Do you want to prepare a coffee like the one you drink in your favorite bar? With Caffè Italia it has never been easier.

Thanks to the SET section of Caffè Italia you can find a vast assortment of coffee machines and coffee grinders already combined and at interesting prices.

The best way to save on the purchase of a coffee grinder is to buy it together with the coffee machine in an already prepared set. In this way you can buy the coffee grinder at a very discounted price and you can also save on shipping costs.

Another very important aspect is that these sets have been designed to meet the different needs of each user in order to offer the right combination of products for the actual needs of use. You won't have to browse endless web pages to choose the most suitable coffee grinder. Our team of experts has already prepared the right solution for both domestic needs or more professional uses.

We invite you to visit the SET section of Caffè italia by offering you a preview of three products that you can find in the assortment.

Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 & Rancilio Rocky SD

Rancilio Silvia and Ramcilio Rocky SD

The classic of the classics. An elegant and functional combination suitable for any home or office environment. The Rancilio Silvia coffee machine is a must for any coffee lover. Practical, functional and safe, it ensures high quality and optimal use performance. The Rancilio Rocky SD coffee grinder is the ideal companion for your machine. Ensures precision in the grinding of the beans and ease of use. This combination ensures you a saving of 5% compared to the purchase of individual products that you can immediately invest in the purchase of an excellent coffee blend.

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Nuova Simonelli Oscar & Nuova Simonelli Grinta AMMT

Nuova Simonelli

An elegant and professional set with many customization possibilities thanks to the three-color combinations available for both models. Nuova Simonelli Oscar is a machine with compact dimensions that thanks to professional components ensures excellent productivity even for semi-professional uses. Nuova Simonelli Grinta is an on-demand coffee grinder that guarantees the grinding of the right amount of coffee just when you want to prepare the coffee. With this combination you can save up to 12% of the price compared to the purchase of individual products.

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La Pavoni Professional PLH, La Pavoni JDL Grinder, La Pavoni Base BL

La pavoni

An elegant barista station composed of a precious lever coffee machine, La Pavoni Professional PLH, made of chromed materials and enriched with wooden knobs. The coffee machine, thanks to the presence of the steam wand, will allow you to enjoy tasty espresso and creamy cappuccinos. The Jolly Dosato JDL coffee grinder has a large container and advanced grinding adjustment functions. The Pavoni BL is the elegant base equipped with an emptying drawer on which to place the coffee machine and the coffee grinder for clean and professional use. With this combination you can take advantage of a 20% discount compared to the purchase of individual products.

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