Storing coffee the right way is important to avoid a faster decay of the ground coffee and its rancidity. Keeping the aroma of coffee intact is essential to delight the palate with an excellent Italian espresso, regardless of the coffee machine and coffee grinder used for preparing the drink.

In this article Caffè Italia shares some precious suggestions for the correct conservation of roasted coffee in the home kitchen.

Coffee conservation

The bag: the best method

Leaving the coffee inside the bag in which it is supplied is the best way to preserve it and get a perfect Italian espresso. But what are the advantages of storing coffee in the original packaging?

  • Gas perspiration: each pack is designed to allow the gases (mainly carbon dioxide) that form inside the bag to transpire due to coffee fermentation. In this way, the coffee does not come into contact with the air, which disperses the aromatic intensity in a few days.
  • Anti-aging: the bag prevents light from penetrating and therefore prevents the rapid aging of the coffee.

Italian espresso coffee

If you prefer to pour coffee

As already mentioned above, coffee needs to allow carbon dioxide to transpire and be stored in the dark, away from light. For this reason, if you need to decant coffee, the best solution is to transfer it to a special container that meets the characteristics that favor the correct conservation of the coffee.

Freeze coffee: is it right or wrong?

Have you bought an extra pack of coffee and don't know how to preserve it longer? In this case it is possible to freeze it, leaving the coffee inside the original packaging. In the event that it is not necessary to preserve coffee for such a long time, it is always better to avoid causing sudden changes in temperature and not putting the coffee in the freezer to prepare an Italian espresso in a workmanlike manner. The stay in the freezer, in fact, depresses the aromas and damages the natural fats.

Italian espresso

The best place to keep it

Let's now move on to the place to store coffee: what is the best solution? Usually the coffee is placed in the pantry or inside a cabinet in the kitchen, but this is not the best place to prevent the dispersion and deterioration of the coffee fragrance. The fridge, on the other hand, fresh and dark, allows the beans or the coffee powder to keep better, preventing heat from causing them to go rancid. So you can enjoy a perfect Italian espresso.

How soon should coffee be consumed?

Ideally, it would be preferable to consume a pack of coffee within two or three weeks of purchase, as the qualities of roasted coffee begin to deteriorate about two weeks after its production. If left open for a few months, you will notice a change in the flavor of the coffee, however we can assure you that your Italian espresso will not be harmful to your health.