Moderate Coffee Consumption Inhibits Cognitive Decline in Seniors

5 to 20 percent of seniors in the UK are dealing with mild cognitive decline, according to, and drinking one to two cups of coffee per day may slow down the pace of cognitive decline. A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease showed that elderly adults who consumed one cup or a couple of cups of coffee per day experienced milder cognitive impairments than those who drank no coffee or over 2 cups of coffee. In moderation, coffee helps seniors to stay sharp as they enjoy their golden years.

Coffee should be caffeinated

Elderly adults who want to inhibit cognitive impairment should stay away from decaf. It’s the caffeine in coffee which protects the brain. Caffeine is believed to minimize damage from amyloid protein plaque build-up. This build-up plays a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Caffeine also has the capacity to improve memory, based on a University of South Florida study of rodents with Alzheimer’s disease. Rodents who received caffeine in measured doses experienced less cognitive decline.


Caregivers should offer seniors coffee

If a senior is in an assisted living situation, a loved one may ensure that nursing home staff or other caregivers are offering him or her coffee daily, in a moderate amount. Nursing home staff and caregivers may not be aware of new research related to coffee and cognitive decline, but this information is easy to pass on to them. Anyone who cares about a senior may want to take that special person out for a cup of coffee, provided the senior hasn’t already surpassed the two-cups-per-day maximum. Seniors sometimes feel isolated and outings with friends and loved ones do ease loneliness. A coffee date with a senior will be a great way to bond.

Easy-to-use coffee machines are right for seniors

Older adults sometimes have cognitive and/or mobility challenges which make it difficult for them to take care of everyday tasks. While some seniors have no trouble making coffee, others will find that ultra-modern coffee machines are smart buys. These machines frequently offer one-touch performance, so they are very simple to operate. A high-quality coffeemaker with a simple user interface will facilitate the process of brewing up one or two cups of brain-boosting java daily.

Moderate coffee consumption is good for the brains of seniors. Those who want to prevent cognitive decline before it starts may want to adopt a “two cups per day” coffee habit, long before their hit their golden years. Coffee has so many amazing properties, and its capacity to slow cognitive decline in seniors is one of the most impressive.