The selection of unusual coffee machines continues; these high-tech masterpieces redefine the environment and the art of making coffee, transforming the daily ritual into a unique and luxurious experience. This time we turn on the spotlights on unusual but nostalgic machines, very refined in terms of design but characterized by simple and sustainable components.

coffee machines

Laboratory coffee

David Matthaus's Café Balão consists of two hand-blown glass spheres, one of which acts as a boiler. The water, under pressure in the first sphere, evaporates in the other, preparing the coffee in a third of time compared to the machines that use alcohol lamps.

coffee machines

Italian charm

The Streiman ES3 is a plunger coffee maker developed for the first time in the '50s in Italy, but rarely used in today's machines. From the very simple technology based on copper and wood, the machine is designed with manual control for an easy and quality use.

coffee machines


This Canandiano signed tongue twister is an individual model in wood with a metallic filter. This mini-machine mounted on top of a cup allows you to prepare a truly unique coffee of its kind. The hot water poured through the small metal filter, will allow the coffee to absorb the aroma of the chosen wood

coffee machines

The coffee that does not lose

This elegant machine, unique in its style and operation, is the work of designer Sunny Ting Wai Wong. The Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker consists of two transparent spheres, a borosilicate glass tank and a filter, these assembled components, making the coffee or tea dispensing completely leak-proof.

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