Within the Eagle One family, Victoria Arduino launches the E1 Prima model, a professional espresso coffee machine with a single group. The Prima model is dedicated to all coffee lovers who want to enjoy an excellent coffee experience in all contexts of use: from the professional environment of small coffee shops, food trucks, boutiques and offices to the home environment for all lovers of quality espresso coffee.

Victoria Arduino E1 Prima was defined by Marco Feliziani, vice president and commercial director of Simonelli Group, the company that owns the Victoria Arduino brand, as the machine as:

The machine that more than any other Victoria Arduino product on the market will be able to interpret current trends and let us imagine the future.

E1 Prima balances aesthetic and functional qualities with a constant appeal to technological research and innovation. The result is a complete experience from an aesthetic point of view and an experience of use characterized by simplicity and high extraction performance. In addition, Prima is characterized by a sustainable design, which focuses on the environmental impact of the product, in terms of energy and economic savings.

Victoria Arduino

Prima, in fact, incorporates the Neo (New Engine Optimization) technology which represents a totally new approach to water heating for low-consumption coffee extraction. The design, the technologies applied and the insulation of the components actively contribute to reducing the environmental impact, making Prima a truly sustainable machine.

Prima proposes an instant heating technology that requires smaller volumes and therefore smaller boilers, as the water is heated only on the basis of actual need. Thanks to this technology, Prima is able to heat the water quickly and ensure high performance, increasing energy efficiency. The boilers have significantly reduced volumes, are insulated and covered with insulating material that avoids energy dispersion.

E1 Prima is sold in conjunction with a mobile app that allows you to optimize performance and use. From the app, in fact, it is possible to set the temperature and extraction time as well as program steam and hot water, check the performance of the machine, start cleaning operations, set energy savings. In addition, through the app you can create your own recipes, share them or set those proposed by your trusted roastery or the reference barista on the machine.

Victoria Arduino E1 Prima

At the design level, Prima is characterized by compact dimensions and a modern and aggressive design. Prima is also available in many colors and exclusive editions. In this way Prima is able to “adapt” according to the spaces and environments.

From 28 September to 10 October Victoria Arduino and Prima will be partners of Milano Design City, an urban event dedicated to design, understood as a culture of design and innovation. First it will be in Milan Design City at the Cappellini showroom (via Santa Cecilia 4) in an innovative home setting, at the Istituto Marangoni in via Cerva 24 with a mural installation and at the Cafezal boutique roasting company in via Solferino 27, where it will be possible to experience a pleasant coffee experience.