Sixty years of history

This year the FAEMA E61 coffee machine turns sixty and is preparing to celebrate the important milestone by organizing various initiatives dedicated to all lovers of the world of coffee. The most important initiative, however, concerns the launch of the Limited Edition E61 1 Group Anniversary model, a coffee machine reserved for the domestic sector but equipped with completely professional equipment.

Faema E61

The revolution brought about by the Faema E61 model

The Faema E61 coffee machine takes its name from the first solar eclipse that took place in 1961. The E61 model has contributed to revolutionizing the professional bar sector by introducing new concepts of use:

  • Continuous delivery: the water used for extraction comes from the water supply and not from the boiler. Passing through the softener and other resins helps to eliminate limescale.
  • "Thermosiphonic" system: the electro-volumetric pump pushes the water at a pressure of 9 atmospheres through a heat exchanger that guarantees the achievement and maintenance of the optimal temperature for extraction.
  • Pre-infusion: the coffee powder is soaked in water for a few seconds before dispensing the drink in order to maximize the extraction of substances that amplify the aroma of the coffee.

Faema E61 is equipped with a Thermobalance system patent that allows you to vary the temperature of the group to optimally adapt the extraction conditions to the tastes and preferences of each individual consumer.

The new limited edition Faema E61

The new limited edition Faema E61

To celebrate the anniversary, Faema has launched the 1 Group Anniversary Limited Edition version designed to be integrated into any environment but designed specifically for the home environment. The model features a steel body where design and technology come together to create a super exclusive machine. The design is also made special by the wooden details, such as the coffee dispensing lever, and by the bright red color of the backlit panel.