5 Steps to follow to prepare a perfect latte macchiato

5 Steps to follow to prepare a perfect latte macchiato

Latte macchiato is a tasty milk-based drink now widespread in coffee shops all over the world. Served in a tall glass, it is the perfect accompaniment for a breakfast or snack. The main ingredient of the drink is milk which must be present in a quantity of 200-240 ml. The second ingredient is coffee which is added in the quantity of an espresso. The result is a layered drink made up of three parts of milk froth, hot milk and espresso each present with a specific consistency and temperature. The most recognizable feature of latte macchiato is the tall glass that distinguishes it from other types of drinks such as macchiato or cappuccino.

How to prepare latte macchiato


But how do you make this tasty milk drink right in your kitchen? All you need is a manual coffee machine equipped with a steam wand such as the Gaggia Classic Pro which has a professional steam wand capable of obtaining a perfect emulsion for preparing milk-based drinks.

Here are some tips on how to prepare a perfect latte macchiato using the Gaggia Classic.

1. Choice of milk

The first step is to choose the main ingredient. Milk can be of animal or vegetable origin but must contain an adequate content of fats and proteins. This will affect the thickening ability. It is also advisable to use cold milk, possibly freshly extracted from the refrigerator.

2. Switch on the Gaggia Classic

Now it is necessary to turn on the coffee machine equipped with the steam wand, wait for the boiler to heat up and activate the steam function when empty to eliminate any residual condensation inside the steam wand.

5 Steps to follow to prepare a perfect latte macchiato

3. Preparation of the milk

Fill the milk container three-quarters full and place it at an angle under the steam wand which, if possible, should never touch the bottom of the container or stay too much on the surface. At this point it is possible to activate the steam function by moving the milk container up and down at the same time, which must always remain slightly inclined.

4. Check the milk froth

The foam obtained must appear shiny and velvety without air bubbles that could burst and adversely affect the structure of the cream. At this point it is possible to deactivate the steam function. In the event of small air bubbles, it is possible to lightly tap the container on the work surface and at the same time make a small rotational movement. In this way you will obtain a state-of-the-art cream.

5. Add the espresso coffee

Let the milk froth rest and prepare the espresso with your Gaggia Classic. Pour the milk into a glass first and then pour the espresso coffee, trying to pour it into the center of the glass.

Your latte macchiato is ready to be enjoyed! If you need more information on our manual and automatic coffee machines, visit our Gaggia section. You will find the ideal machine to prepare delicious milk-based drinks with ease and comfort.