Welcome to the Caffè Italia’s support page dedicated to managing technical assistance requests for products both under warranty and out of warranty. We are here to support you in the best possible way, ensuring that your product can return to perfect working condition or assist you with post-warranty management. To proceed with your request, we invite you to fill out the dedicated contact form, carefully specifying all details related to your product and the nature of the problem encountered.

Products still under warranty

If your product is covered by the Caffè Italia’s warranty, please provide all requested information, including a detailed description of the problem and the order number or proof of purchase. This will allow us to evaluate your request and provide assistance in accordance with the warranty terms, guiding you through repair or replacement options, as appropriate.

Products out of warranty

Even if your product is no longer covered by the warranty, Caffè Italia is still here to offer support. In the contact form, describe the problem you are facing and any relevant information that can help us better understand the situation. We will contact you with a repair estimate or provide advice on how to proceed in the best possible way.

Our goal is to ensure you receive quick and efficient assistance, regardless of the warranty status. By carefully filling out the form and providing all the necessary details, you will help us expedite the process and guarantee you a satisfactory solution in the shortest possible time.