Bezzera Matrix & Duo Review

Bezzera Matrix & Duo Review

We have introduced in our assortment the new Bezzera Matrix and Bezzera DUO coffee machine models that are characterized by the introduction of the double boiler and for some quite original aesthetic features. Specifically, the two new Bezzera Matrix and Bezzera Duo models are respectively characterized by the LED illuminated plexiglas panels (Maxtrix) and the stainless steel AISI 304 (DUO) sides. Each of the two models is also distributed in the following options:

– MN: which identifies the models with manual lever group E61
– DE: which identifies the models with thermostats and volumetric dosing.


The Bezzera Matrix and DUO models present the following technical characteristics:

  • Double boiler system composed of a 0.5 liter coffee boiler and a 1.0Lt steam and water boiler.
  • Hydraulic system powered by a rotary pump with water tank or connected to the water network.
  • PID thermostats for regulating and controlling the temperature.
  • 3.5-inch touch display to control the double boiler system and to adjust the body colors in the LED version.



The particularity of the design used for these Bezzera models is immediately visible for the Matrix model, which features illuminated side panels with LED lights that adapt to the conditions of the surrounding environment. The Red, Green and Blue color combinations can create innumerable shades of color. Thanks to the transparency of the panels, once the lighting is switched off, it is possible to view the inside of the machine.


The Bezzera Matrix and Duo MN models work with the traditional manual lever group that dispenses the coffee by operating the lever towards the top and interrupts it by lowering the lever once the desired quantity has been reached. The temperature is controlled by a PID thermostat. The Bezzera Matrix and DUO DE models, on the other hand, are characterized by a volumetric dosing system with automatic programming of 4 doses directly from the display. The models are equipped with 3 thermostats to control and adjust the pressure of the boilers.

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