Bezzera Unica Review

Bezzera Unica Review

The Bezzera Unica is a semi-automatic coffee machine capable of serving a large number of espresso coffees and milk-based drinks. The Unica model has a single boiler, a large 3-liter tank and an E61 group heated by a thermosiphonic system. These features make the machine perfect for coffee lovers who are looking for a model that can help control performance while safeguarding the available space.

Bezzera Unica

Bezzera Unica has a PID controller that allows users to adjust and control the temperatures of the coffee and steam from 80 ° to 100 °. Unica is equipped with an E61 brewing unit in chromed brass which is constantly heated by the thermosiphonic system. The steam delivery is very powerful despite the machine having only one boiler. The steam valve has a 1300 Watt heating element. The machine allows you to switch from the infusion function to the steam dispensing function using the appropriate buttons. In order to safeguard the infusion temperature it is advisable, once the preparation of milk-based drinks is finished, to lower the lever of the pump switch. In this way the tank fills up, consequently lowering the temperature and avoiding burning the coffee.

Bezzera Unica coffee maschine

The design of the Unica model is available with a matching all stainless steel housing with wood inserts. The model, thanks to the large tank and the technical features that allow you to prepare up to 20 shots in an hour, is suitable for large families or office environments. The last important feature is the passively heated cup warming tray which plays a surprisingly important role in the quality of the drinks that can be prepared with the machine.