Christmas gift guide 2021

Christmas gift guide 2021

Christmas is upon us and we at Caffè Italia have decided to direct you to the choice of the perfect gift through our Guide to Christmas gifts, designed for all coffee lovers.

From coffee grinders to semi-automatic and automatic machines, up to semi-professional coffee machines: in this article you will find the solution that’s right for you.

Semi-automatic coffee machines


To start our journey in search of the ideal Christmas gift, we suggest two models of semi-automatic coffee machines, easy to use, but at the same time highly performing.


With Oscar Mood, Nuova Simonelli has expanded and innovated the range of coffee machines intended for domestic use. The machine is available both in the version that foresees a direct connection to the water mains and with a built-in 3-liter tank.

The machine adapts perfectly to the mood of different environments thanks to the 4 different colors to choose from: black, guacamole, dove gray and red.

The heat exchange technology allows you to control the temperature in a stable manner, while at the same time improving the quality of the extraction. A professional PID pressure switch system electronically controls the boiler temperature while an integrated bypass regulates the pressure. The control of the coffee machine functions is managed through a professional display that incorporates the keyboard and allows. Finally, a convenient and intuitive timer allows you to control the coffee brewing times.


Gaggia Carezza Deluxe is a traditional-looking semi-automatic espresso machine with a rounded front and a retro-looking analog temperature dial. The exterior of the machine is mainly made of plastic materials while the front control panel and the cup warmer are in stainless steel. The design and the materials used give the machine a very elegant appearance that makes it suitable for any domestic or professional environment.

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe has a single dual-use boiler for heating water for coffee preparation and for producing steam. A 15 bar pump provides more than enough pressure to achieve quality extraction. Finally, the “perfect cream” pressurized filter holder allows you to obtain impeccable results in the cup.

Automatic coffee machines


Automatic coffee machines involve the use of coffee beans, and, as their name suggests, they are characterized by having an automatic operation: by simply pressing a button, the appliance performs all the operations necessary for the preparation of the espresso by itself. The coffee machines of this type are equipped with an internal grinder that allows you to grind the coffee beans immediately before preparing the drink, ensuring a very intense and always fresh aroma.

This solution satisfies the needs of those looking for a practical machine that is simple and intuitive to use. Here are our proposals.


Thanks to one-touch technology, Gaggia Anima Prestige can prepare up to six different drinks at the touch of a button. The integration of the machine with a milk carafe and the large capacity of the tank makes it the perfect choice for families who like to enjoy a wide selection of milk-based drinks.

The Gaggia Adapting System allows you to automatically adjust the grinding cycle thanks to the learning recorded in the previous beverage dispensing cycles, while the Optiaroma function allows you to customize the intensity of the drink thanks to five aroma settings: from extra delicate and extra strong.


Saeco Pico Baristo is an automatic coffee machine with a refined design characterized by fine lines with the right mix of black and chrome accents capable of giving your kitchen a touch of modernity and elegance.

Fully customizable thanks to a convenient LCD screen, it allows you to customize the length of the drinks, the intensity of delivery, the volume of milk and temperature control, with a simple click. The coffee grind can also be adjusted as desired thanks to ten different settings.

This model of coffee machine is the ideal solution for those who want to take advantage of all the functions of the automatic models but with ease of use and cleaning.

Semi-professional coffee machines


Are you looking for the perfect gift for a relative or friend who is familiar with espresso machines? Below you will find some machines that are ideal to satisfy more technical and professional needs.


The Gaggia Classic coffee machine has always been considered the top model of the entry level domestic range. Recently Gaggia launched the New Gaggia Classic model with new details in terms of design and functionality. Available in five sensational colors to satisfy any style and personality need, the new Gaggia Classic Pro will allow you to become a real bartender right in your home.

The new features of the Gaggia Classic Pro include a set of rocker switches, a three-way solenoid valve, indicator lights for temperature control and a new support for the pump. The Gaggia Classic Pro also has a professional steam wand capable of frothing milk to perfection.


Rancilio, leader in the production and distribution of professional coffee machines, has recently extended its range of products in the home by introducing Silvia Pro, the new espresso machine designed for all aspiring domestic baristas.

The main innovation of Rancilio Silvia Pro is the presence of two separate boilers that allow you to independently adjust the different temperatures for the extraction of coffee and the supply of steam. The temperature, which can be viewed on the display on the front of the machine, is adjusted by means of a special button connected to a PID controller.

Silvia Pro is also equipped with an “alert” function that allows the machine to be switched on automatically and thus accelerate the morning warm-up phases. Thanks to the high quality of the materials with which it is made, it is the ideal choice even for the most intensive uses.



To make sure you bring home a quality coffee grinder, we offer two products with excellent performance, very easy to use, to allow you to make tasty coffee-based drinks directly at home.


Ceado E37S is a high-quality coffee grinder with compact dimensions and a powerful motor, therefore suitable for situations where installation space is limited (perfect for use at home or in the office).

The latest generation electronics, combined with Ceado’s reliability and innovations, allow E37S to enhance all the best characteristics of coffee. The characteristic steady lock grinder system ensures constant distance between the grinders in all conditions of working stress, allowing the set grain size to be preserved. The innovative mechanical suspension of the engine and the acoustic insulation make the Ceado coffee grinder one of the quietest on the market.


The Smart Grinder Pro is a programmable coffee grinder with conical grinders, capable of grinding coffee directly in the filter holder and enhancing any blend. With as many as 60 exclusive settings and thanks to the Dosing iQ ™ Technology it is possible to obtain perfect results regardless of the degree of grinding of the beans selected.

Finally, the Precision Digital Time function allows you to adjust and program the grinding time in 0.2 second increments, for total control and a perfect dose every time.


We hope this guide may have been useful for you to clarify your ideas on the best 2021 gift ideas for your loved ones. For further information or purchase advice, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at this email address: