Crem One – the innovative professional espresso machine

Crem One - the innovative professional espresso machine

One is the new and innovative coffee machine developed by CREM. With a new idea of ​​design, improved hydraulics, new electronic platforms, the One espresso machine is equipped with the most advanced technology for a professional espresso machine.

In this article Caffè Italia presents the Crem One professional coffee machine, with all the features that make it unique on the market.

Crem One Design


The design of the One coffee machine by Crem keeps the soul of the Expobar Office Leva model, with some innovation. With simple lines and harmonious dimensions, the One is compact and incredibly sophisticated. Among the features that make its design unique and original we cannot fail to mention:

  • exterior in mirror polished stainless steel
  • easily customizable side panels

The One espresso machine is also equipped with an optional complete wooden kit and an included barista kit.
More specifically, the Barista Kit for Version 1B of the One espresso machine includes:

  • 1 filter basket (7gr)
  • 1 filter basket (14gr)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Cleaning tablets blister
  • Blind metal filter
  • 1 x double narrow spout portafilter

Kit Barista for version 2B includes:

  • 1 filter basket (7gr)
  • 1 filter basket (14gr)
  • 1 filter basket (21gr)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Cleaning tablets blister
  • Blind metal filter
  • Flat metallic tamper
  • Extra Nozzle steam tap 3H
  • Milk jar 300ml small
  • 1 x double narrow spout portafilter

Finally, the optional wooden kit consists of:

  • Portafilter handle
  • Group lever handle
  • Steam and hot water tap knobs
  • Side panels

Crem One Use


The Crem One coffee machine is incredibly easy to use. Every detail has been designed to meet the best standards of ergonomics and intuitive controls, giving an exceptional quality in the cup.
In particular, the Crem One espresso machine has:

  • user interface for temperature and time control for version 1B;
  • advanced setting of the OLED DISPLAY menu for 2B versions;
  • intuitive pressure control knob;
  • 1/2 knobs for water and steam;
  • automatic switch off / on command;
  • standby and ECO mode;
  • large work surface;
  • independent lid;
  • new intelligent concept of drip tray.

Crem One Tecnology


Whether you are a coffee lover or an experienced barista, thanks to the high performance features and intelligent solutions available, the Crem One coffee machine is able to give you an unparalleled coffee experience. You will be able to enjoy an art espresso at home, in the office or at the bar.

The innovative technology that makes up the One includes:

  • high performance hydraulic system;
  • CREM thermal stability;
  • flexible pre-infusion times adjustable from the display;
  • low flow pressure profiling;
  • PID controlled for both versions 1 and 2 boilers;
  • new Dual Auto Water Tank & Mains solution;
  • 1.7 liter steam boiler capacity;
  • new compact electronically controlled rotary pump for premium models;
  • cutting-edge and highly tested internal components.

Below is a summary table of the features of the One coffee machine by Crem.

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