Domestic coffee machines with E61 Group?

Before 1960 to obtain a good espresso it was necessary to have a machine with a lever mechanism. In 1961, Faema launched a coffee machine model that completely changed the way coffee is extracted. The innovation is the E61 group named as a tribute to the solar eclipse that took place in Italy that year. The innovation of the E61 group consisted essentially:

  • In an electric pump that provided the 9 bar of pressure necessary for the extraction of the espresso by replacing the mechanical lever / piston system.
  • The water coming from the water network was heated inside the boiler by a serpentine mechanism that allowed to reach higher temperatures
  • The brewing group maintained its thermal stability and guaranteed for the first time the pre-infusion or the extension of the contact time between the water and the ground coffee before extraction for an optimal extraction of all the organoleptic properties of the espresso.GroupE61

Returning to our times the E61 group continues to be a reference standard for all professional coffee machines in bars and cafés. The innovation of technology and the advancement of new models have contributed to the availability of models also intended for the domestic market. Here are some proposals that will allow you to prepare a delicious coffee and cappuccino directly in your kitchen with the use of machines equipped with E61 group.



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Quick Mill Carola is a perfect simple home espresso machine equipped with E61 group head. Carola is dedicated  for those who just wish to make a high-quality espresso. Quick Mill Carola has a convenient and small compact size making it very easy to transport.



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Isomac Zaffiro III Cool Touch is a espresso and cappuccino machine for those who want to play professionals at home.The E-61-group ensures a stable temperature troghout the brew group thanks to thermal siphon. Isomac Zaffiro can be considered as a entry level for professional use.



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The Espresso coffee machine UNICA PID is an excellent quality product with professional components which allows to get coffee and creamy cappuccino ready in a few seconds. It works with vibration pump and manual lever group, pulling the lever up the pump is activated and the coffee brewing starts, when the desired quantity of coffee in the cup is reached pulling down the lever the coffee brewing is stopped.


Quickmill Aquila

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Quick Mill New Aquila is an italian espresso machine for commercial quality espresso shots at home. It is equipeed with a die-cast E61 brewing group, and a 1.8 litre copper boiler with anti-burn stainless steel steam and hot water wands.



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The Profitec Pro700 is a semi-automatic, dual-boiler espresso machine with PID-display. The temperature for both boilers may be adjusted individually. The display shows the brewing time with up to the second accuracy.Profitec Pro700 may be used with water tank or fixed water connection.