Elektra launches the new Elektra Verve

Elektra launches the new Elektra Verve

Elektra Verve is the new coffee machine launched by the Italian company Elektra, leader in the manufacturing of coffee machines capable of combining a unique and refined style with performance of absolute excellence.

The new model Verve is the innovative result of research aimed at creating a prosumer machine with a unique style, extremely versatile and capable of being used in a variety of environments: cafes, homes, offices and street food trucks. From a technological point of view, this is the first single-group machine with double boilers dedicated respectively to dispensing coffee and producing steam.

Elektra Verve

Verve features an elegant and compact design enriched by stainless steel materials and wooden side panels. Exterior wood finish options include oak, ash or a combination of six different wood types. The design configuration is very reminiscent of the Elektra Indie, especially in the appearance of the sturdy support legs.

The independent double boiler technology, made of stainless steel, optimizes the functions of extracting and dispensing espresso and producing dry steam. With Elektra Verve it is possible to easily switch from connection to the water mains to the integrated 5-liter tank. Elektra Verve is equipped with a professional dispensing unit, a rotary pump that allows you to switch from the water network to the tank and a double-scale pressure gauge.

A further strength, the result of the innovative research carried out by the Venetian company, is the ability of Verve to connect at the wi-fi level in order to set all beverage dispensing settings directly from the smartphone device. In this case it will be possible to set the infusion temperature, the pre-infusion duration, select the drink and customize your favorite recipe with a few clicks.