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Gaggia Accademia RI9702

Gaggia Accademia RI9702

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Gaggia Accademia offers you all the secrets of a professional Barista in just one touch

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Because a metal grinder might burn the coffee beans while grinding, all Gaggia's Espresso machines are equipped with an extremely durable ceramic grinder. A ceramic grinder will retains the purity of the coffee aroma while being equally durable to a metal grinder. Additionally the coffee grind can be adjusted from coarse to fine, just as you prefer.The settings in this Gaggia Espresso machine allow you to adjust the body and aroma of your coffee to suit your taste, while maintaining a perfect crema.

Your Gaggia Espresso machine has an energy-efficient integrated heating element to provide pre-warmed coffee cups. Pre-warming a cup will ensure your Espresso stays hot for longer.Pre-brewing ensures that the ground coffee is evenly moistened before the actual brewing process. Only then the water flows through all of the ground coffee and your Gaggia Espresso machine can extract the full aroma for a balanced and tasty Espresso.

The case of your machine has been skillfully manufactured from stainless steel. This makes your Gaggia more robust, ensures long-lasting performance and is an eye-catcher in every kitchen.Whatever you want to do with your Gaggia - the digital display makes navigation much easier and gives instant feedback on the status of your Espresso machine.Just press one of the 7 pre-set beverages and your Gaggia Espresso machine will brew them in a few seconds.

The removable brewing group in your full-automatic Espresso machine allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and can even be replaced separately if necessary. This saves money and increases the machine hygiene for a flawless coffee taste.The double boiler in your espresso machine reduces the waiting time between brewing an espresso and dispensing steam to froth milk to just a few seconds. This makes preparing a Cappuccino much faster.

Thanks to the automatic cleaning and automatic descaling, you are guaranteed a perfect and hygienic Espresso every day and prolong the lifetime of your Gaggia Espresso machine.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Product dimensions

38.5 x 28.2 x 42.8  cm

Coffee bean capacity

350 gr

Waste container capacity

16  servings

Milk carafe capacity

0,6  L

Water tank capacity

1,6 L

Maximum cup height

150 mm

Product Weight

17 KG

Brita Filter compatible




Hot water / Steam Nozzle



Direct buttons


black/stainless steel

Materials and finishing

metal painted/stainless steel

Simultaneous brewing


Suitable for pods


Simultaneous brewing of 2 cups



Stainless steel


50  Hz


1500  W

Pump Pressure

15  bar


230  V

Energy saving

Automatic stand-by


Additional Information

Model Automatic
Grinder Model No


  1. Experience so far Review by Randolph

    Very well constructed. Very complex machine.
    Highly customisable. You need to learn how to dial-in the best coffee taste based on coffee type (bold/dark roast) etc, grind settings, temp, SBC pressure, dose etc. You can get this machine to behave a bit like a manual machine. Albeit a manual machine using a Tamper that holds a much larger coffee dose. The extra control does get potentially better results.
    That said, if you are geeky, there are manual customisations in the service menu (entirely separate to the general settings menu - usually used by Gaggia service engineers). To get access to it, you need to press a key combination at start up.
    The type of milk you choose (oak, dairy, coconut, soya) etc will influence the coffee dose, grind, flow and temp. You need to dial this in.
    Highly recommended to use a water filter (Intenso) and also fill it with mineral water. Sounds counter-intuitive but it helps to extend the life of the machine and your coffees tastes a lot better.
    Once you get your head around it, the coffee is probably as good as it gets for a fully automatic.
    The water trays needs frequent emptying which is a but irritating but you don’t want discarded coffee and liquids sitting around inside the machine for long periods. Brewer unit requires weekly cleansing but its a very simple process. The Caraffe milk frothier is simply brilliant.
    To improve on this you need to get a Sage Oracle or above. Or beyond that the pro-consumer machines like the Marzococo at 4.2k.
    Overall I would say a great looking product that performs exceptionally for a fully automatic. Despite being 11 years old from launch, its probably still better than most if not all of the glitzy looking fully automatics out there today. Built to last, so highly recommended.



  3. The machine does what it says on the tin Review by Szilvuska

    As most reviews I have to agree that the coffee machine is very good and easy to use. It also selfcleas so no hassle at all. The water tank and dip tray need almost daily attention but this is quick to do. The only criticism i have is that the milk is not hot enough. You’d better use a preheated mug. However customer service is very poor. I had to contact them regarding a missing part and nobody replied to my email until i phoned. Even getting trough the phone took a few tries. Then i was told that the company doesn’t supply the water filter any longer even though the manual clearly states it as part of the accessories. Buy your coffee machine elsewhere.

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