Gaggia Babila Review

Gaggia Babila Review

Today we are talking about a high-end automatic coffee machine that has won the hearts of lovers of coffee and milk-based drinks. Gaggia Babila is the top of the range of the lines of automatic “bean to coffee” coffee machines from the Gaggia company, leader in the manufacturing of espresso coffee machines for the domestic and professional segment.

Babila, through the double boiler technology, allows you to prepare with a single touch up to 10 different drinks: Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Lungo, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Hot Latte, Foam Milk, Flat White and Hot water. Thanks to the programming menu it is possible to customize the 10 drinks available according to your tastes of aroma, body, coffee temperature, length in the cup, the degree of pre-infusion and degree of emulsion of the milk.

The Espresso Plus System allows you to adjust the intensity, aroma and body of the espresso using a simple flow knob. Turning the knob to the left produces a full espresso with a full-bodied crema. Turning the knob to the right produces a lighter and more delicate coffee.

Gaggia Babila

Gaggia Babila is equipped with an integrable milk carafe system that allows you to automatically foam all milk-based beverages by simply touching a “one touch” button from start to finish without moving the cup. The carafe can be taken out of the refrigerator and inserted into the machine. By pressing the special spout you can prepare a creamy cappuccino in a few seconds. The strong point of this solution is the ability of the carafe to clean itself unlike most automatic machines whose cleaning requires the disassembly of accessories or collection tubes. Pushing back the spout activates a jet of steam that flows inside the milk circuit and activates an automatic cleaning cycle. In this way it is possible to remove the carafe to store it in the fridge.

Babila coffeemaschine

Gaggia Babila also allows you to customize your coffee-based drinks through functions dedicated to each characteristic of the drink:

  • Aroma intensity: the Optiaroma system allows you to adjust the amount of ground coffee for a single espresso by choosing from 5 different levels for each cup, thus customizing the intensity of the aroma and the taste of the espresso.
  • Grinding: Babila allows 15 different coffee grind settings in order to personalize the drink with a finer grind for a stronger taste, a coarser grind for a lighter coffee. The grinders are made of 100% ceramic, a material that ensures silent performance and prevents the beans from overheating.
  • Length: the flow knob allows you to choose the coffee flow rate during the beverage dispensing process.
  • Taste and TemperatureGaggia Babila, by adjusting the pre-infusion function, which slightly wets the coffee before extraction, allows you to choose between three levels of taste: delicate, balanced and full. Babila also allows you to choose the temperature of the drink from three levels: low, normal or high.

The front of the Babila has a brushed metal finish with chrome accents. The spouts are adjustable and can be removed completely to accommodate larger cups. The water tank has a capacity of 1.5 liters while the coffee grinder hopper holds 300 grams of coffee. Babila is also equipped with a bypass dispenser for pre-ground coffee which is very useful for preparing decaffeinated drinks.