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Gaggia Brera Silver RI9305/01

Gaggia Brera Silver RI9305/01

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Thanks to the automatic cleaning and automatic descaling, you are guaranteed a perfect and hygienic Espresso every day and prolong the lifetime of your Gaggia Espresso machine.

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Discovering Gaggia Brera

Gaggia Brera is a compact super-automatic coffee machine with integrated grinding functionality and easy foaming thanks to the convenient integrated steam wand (Gaggia Panarello), specially designed to froth milk and enhance the barista skills of each user. Gaggia Brera is made with stainless steel finishes that make it suitable for classic and modern environments. There are two models available: Gaggia Brera Silver and Gaggia Brera Black.

Gaggia Brera is a machine produced and distributed by the famous Italian company Gaggia Milano that stands out for the quality and technology of its products also in the professional segment. Gaggia Brera is equipped with a ceramic coffee grinder available with five adjustments to adapt to the different types of coffee you want to prepare. Gaggia Brera is also equipped with an integrated bypass that allows the preparation of already ground coffee.

Gaggia Brera Details

Gaggia Brera main features

Gaggia Brera is an easy and reliable coffee machine that allows you to enjoy an excellent espresso with a few simple steps. Gaggia Brera also has a descaling alert system and allows the rapid disassembly of the brew group to perform simple cleaning operations. Gaggia Brera allows the preparation of an espresso and coffee using two simple buttons and through the easily navigable LED display. Both drinks can be customized in terms of flavor intensity and length. To dispense two drinks at a time, simply click twice on the button.

Gaggia Brera is equipped with a steam wand (Panarello) that allows you to froth the milk in an optimal way and thus obtain delicious cappuccinos. The steam wand, with Rapid Steam technology, can also be used for the preparation of hot drinks. Gaggia Brera is also equipped with an Optiaroma functionality that offers you the possibility to customize and program the intensity of the aroma on three levels: light, medium and strong. The programming of the drinks can be carried out simply by holding the corresponding button for a few seconds.

Gaggia Brera Features

Gaggia Brera is equipped with a coffee grinder with ceramic grinders to guarantee the consistency of the grind and reduce the overheating of the coffee beans, obtaining a tasty and aromatic coffee. The ceramic ensures long-lasting performance and an optimal result in terms of the quality of the drink. The coffee grinding function allows five levels of adjustment from the finest levels, ideal for a coffee with a strong taste, at coarser levels for lighter coffees.

Gaggia Brera allows the easy disassembly of the coffee dispensing unit which in a few seconds can be extracted, rinsed under running water and reinserted into the appropriate container. In this way the machine can be regularly cleaned. Gaggia Brera also presents an automatic descaling alert that warns the user of the need to activate the descaling cycle.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Product dimensions

26 x 32 x 44cm

Coffee bean capacity

250 gr

Waste container capacity

8 servings

Water tank capacity

1,2 L

Maximum cup height

120 mm

Product Weight

8,5 KG




abs/stainless steel


50 Hz


1400 W


230 V

Pump pressure

15 bar


Stainless Steel

Brita Filter compatible




Hot water / Steam Nozzle


Materials and finishing

abs/stainless steel

Espresso technology

Saeco adapting system





Posted in Reviews By Caffè Italia | January 13, 2020

Like every year we want to present our choices for the best automatic coffee machines for 2020. 

Posted in Reviews By Caffè Italia | April 02, 2019

Cleaning the coffee machine is one of the main aspects carefully assessed by the consumer when choosing to purchase a particular model of coffee machine. Compared to traditional and automatic models, capsule coffee machines are often preferred because they are simpler and more convenient to clean. In all cases the main rule is to carefully follow the instruction booklet of the machine model in possession.

Posted in Reviews By Caffè Italia | May 18, 2018

Caffè Italia presents Gaggia Brera.The real Espresso taste at home, thanks Gaggia's auto-cleaning technology. Check it out online at


Additional Information

Model Automatic
Grinder Model No


  1. Excellent Machine! Fedex not the best Review by Hampton

    The machine and set up is faultless. Good Expresso!

    FedEx though aren’t the best… delivery was late and the communication on the fedex side wasn’t the best

  2. replacement for 12 year old gaggia brera Review by BRIAN

    Cannot fault coffee machine, makes beautiful coffee. However delivery via Fedex was late, and tracking confusing and haphazard.

  3. Very pleased with our new addition Review by GojuRyu

    My family have been suggesting a coffee machine for a while, but we only took the plunge when they agreed to share the costs. We’re all very glad we did though, as we love the Gaggia Brera machine. We found it very easy to use, and it makes great coffee whether it’s just an Espresso, Americano and you need to steam the milk for a latte / cappuccino. The water tank is limited in size, but I don’t mind that (it’s easy to refill), especially as it has helped to keep the overall size of the machine within sensible (it fits where my previous coffee pod machine sat).

    The drip tray is effective at collecting and excess water and I like the little orange indicator which reminds you if it needs to be emptied - very easy to do and to keep clean. We’ve only had it a few days but it has become a firm part of our routine. We’re now excitedly trying different beans and combinations of coffee length and aroma strength to find our favourite.

  4. Great Machine Review by A

    Excellent M/C although i would preferer a visual water marker or at least a bit more warning that the water is running low.

  5. Haggis Brera Review by Caravan

    Love the machine but annoying it shows red symbols as you switch on , have to open side door adjust side panel then you are good to go

  6. Great! Review by Mindy Chu

    User friendly and also great coffee every time!

  7. Great! Review by Mindy Chu

    User friendly and also great coffee every time!

  8. Awful service Review by ROBERT

    I ordered my machine on the 29th September with great expectations. Had an initial issue with payment, where I had to confirm authorisation code for q 'ghost transaction'
    Called up to try and sort out said issue.. had the phone put down on me and told it would be sorted over email.
    Expected the coffee machine yesterday by 9pm...didn't arrive... was meant to arrive today by 6pm... still not arrived (10:30pm)
    Everytime I email, i very rarely get a reply.. when there is a reply, there is no apology or explanation for the delays or problems. At this moment in time I have no idea if my machine is on its way or not. Looking forward to it arriving whenever that may be...

  9. Love my Brera! Review by GeorgeBR

    Love this little machine. Reasonable price and makes great coffee. I agree with a previous review - the water tank is far too small - making the machine seem 'needy' (always asking to fill the tank, empty the grouts bin, drain the drip tray etc)
    I have never managed to get the manual coffee filler (so you can individually add your own ground coffee) to work because it's always full of steam so the coffee sticks to the sides. But I only use the bean-to-cup which works great

  10. wonderful coffee, would not live without this machine Review by Tine

    We have using this machine now for 6 months and we have come love coffee again. I did a lot of research into the different machines and I am so happy with this choice. The machine is small so it does not take over my workspace. So easy to use and to clean. You will need to read through the instruction book carefully and it did take a few weeks for me to understand the machine fully but this paid off as you can set the machine to your favourite strength. We love it so much that it event came camping with us. We no longer buy coffee on the go but just invested in better take out cups as we prefer our own coffee and we can control the calories going into the cup. I would so recommend this machine and we are even going to treat both our kids to one of these coffee machines.

  11. Great coffee machine for the price Review by Richy

    This is a quality coffee machine for the price. It is very easy to use and makes great coffee - with a nice crema. I have used various other machines (some which cost up to twice the price) and the coffee is seldom any better. It looks good and is easy to clean. The water container is adequate for two to three americano size coffees. The steam-wand works well and is easy to clean. This machine also makes single shots from ground coffee which is handy for decaf. Some people complain that it requires a lot of cleaning. The internal brew mechanism is a single unit which clips out and can be washed in the wash-basin, allowed to dry, and clipped back in. This should be done weekly anyway as, with any coffee machine, coffee residue builds up and when wet will decay. You will require some additional worktop space to turn the machine to its side to access the brew mechanism.

  12. Great Coffee machine Review by Georgi

    Thank you for my great coffee :)

  13. Pros & cons, service great, machine adequate Review by Duncan

    The water tank is far too small making the m/c very needy for attention. The drip tray has no alarm. Otherwise the m/c performs well and makes great coffee but the design limitations detract.

  14. Gaggia Brera bean to cup Review by Simon

    We are very happy with the coffee this small machine produces, good strength and good crema. You can adjust the amount of coffee dispensed from both buttons. Our two minor complaints are, the water reservoir is too small and tends to leak for no apparent reason and the coffee grounds collector needs emptying every 5 or 6 uses.
    The build quality is good and you would find it hard to find another machine that is better in this price bracket.

  15. Excellent product Review by George H

    Easy to use, great product Gaggia did it again. As a bean to cup the coffee is not as it would be with a regular coffee machine but it is well close to that.
    Cleaning and maintenance is also very easy.

  16. Excellent Review by Nick

    Easy to use, easy to clean. delicious coffee at the touch of a button. The milk frother is very straight forward to use too.

  17. Great Service Review by Jake

    Thank you Caffe Italia. The person I spoke with before ordering was helpful, ordering was easy and the machine arrived 4 days later.

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