Gaggia Classic Pro Video Review

Gaggia Classic Pro Video Review

Gaggia Classic Pro wants to improve the high standards of reliability and quality achieved by the previous Gaggia Classic V5 model. The new Gaggia model features a professional steam wand, rocker switches, lights ready for temperature and an aerodynamic frame.  New Classic Pro is a product entirely made in Italy that wants to aspire to the title of the best entry level coffee machine on the domestic segment.

On the launch of the new model, the company launches the Gaggia Classic Color Vibes edition featuring five models with different colors: Thunder Black, Cherry Red, Classic Blue, Polar White and Industrial Gray. The new colors give an even more gritty look perfect for any type of furniture combination and design.

Gaggia CLassic Pro

The machine maintains all the characteristics of the PRO model. The group and the filter holder belong to the Gaggia tradition, with the same size, the same weight and the style of those of a professional machine. The solenoid valve controls the pressure inside the filter holder while the two-hole steam wand guarantees milk emulsion equal to that obtained from professional models. The control panel with keys and LEDs maintains a classic imprint and guarantees easy access to the functions. The body of the machine, completely in stainless steel or in the colored version in galvanized steel, was made maintaining soft profiles with a section that allows direct control of the water level in the tank.

In this video tutorial Grant explores all the technical and operating aspects of the new Classic Pro model by giving you tips on how to prepare a perfect espresso or a delicious milk-based drink.