How to prepare a latte macchiato with Gaggia Cadorna Style?

How to prepare a latte macchiato with Gaggia Cadorna Style?


Latte Macchiato is a classic Italian milk-based drink that can accompany a morning breakfast or that can be enjoyed during an afternoon snack. The secret of a good latte macchiato is contained within the milk froth that must be produced with a quantity of drink of about 200 ml on which to add a standard dose of espresso.

Differences between Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino


Latte macchiato is a layered drink consisting of milk froth, liquid hot milk, and espresso that is often confused with cappuccino. The main differences with this cappuccino essentially consist of:

  • in the quantity of ingredients: cappuccino does not require the same amount of milk as latte macchiato.
  • in the preparation methods: The cappuccino first requires the preparation of the espresso on which the milk froth is poured.
  • in the glass: cappuccino is usually prepared in a cup while latte macchiato requires a glass.

Prepare a perfect Latte Macchiato with Gaggia Cadorna Style


The secret of a barista-proof Latte Macchiato lies in the milk froth which must be creamy and free of air bubbles that could ruin the preparation of the drink. For this purpose, the Cadorna Style automatic coffee machine is the best solution. The machine, equipped with a classic Panarello, delivers the right amount of steam to obtain a velvety milk emulsion.

Here are some steps you can take to get flawless latte macchiato:

  1. Choose a type of milk with a quantity of fats and proteins suitable for creating a dense foam. The best milk is whole milk, possibly just removed from the fridge.
  2. Fill a not too large jug two-thirds full with the selected milk and place it under the steam wand. The steam wand must be immersed in the milk jug without touching the bottom.
  3. Activate the steam function from the keypad and keep the steam wand always in contact with liquid milk. The milk container must be kept slightly tilted during froth preparation. Once the milk has been obtained, the steam function can be switched off.
  4. While you let the foam rest, ideal in the event of air bubbles, you can prepare espresso coffee by activating the button on the beverage selection display.
  5. Then equip yourself with a tall glass and pour the creamy milk and then the espresso coffee.

At this point you have obtained a tasty and nutritious drink like the one you can enjoy in your favorite coffee shop.


With this post we have shown you how to obtain a professional barista-proof Latte Macchiato in a few simple steps using the Cadorna Style machine. If you want to make your breakfasts or snacks even tastier, visit our store and discover the best espresso and cappuccino machines.