How to prepare a perfect espresso with Gran Gaggia Prestige

How to prepare a perfect espresso with Gran Gaggia Prestige

The Gran Gaggia Prestige espresso machine offers the passion of traditional preparation in a compact stainless steel format for a perfect Italian espresso. The new Crema Perfetta pressurized portafilter ensures a thick cream, always.

In this post dedicated to baristas and all coffee lovers, we offer some suggestions to get a coffee in a work of art with the Gran Gaggia Prestige automatic coffee machine.


  • Quality and composition of the mixture. The mixture used to prepare the coffee must always be of high quality. There are many varieties of coffee In the market, and we remember that each one has a different profile and leads to different results: in fact we recommend experimenting to achieve the desired result. As far as the composition of the mixture is concerned, it is good to know that it affects both taste and aroma, and on the body of the coffee.
  • Grinding. As far as the next phase is concerned, we suggest a grinding neither too fine (or the water will pass through with difficulty and the coffee will come out with difficulty, resulting in an over-extraction) nor too coarse (or the coffee will pass through too quickly, resulting in a sub-extraction, or in a watered-down coffee, without cream).
  • Roasting. The roasting that guarantees the best balance between the aromas and the flavors of the coffee is medium-light. We also recommend that you prefer clean air roasting systems as they preserve all the organoleptic properties of the coffee.
  • Dose. The Italian espresso par excellence requires at least 7 grams of ground coffee.
  • Pressing. Thanks to the Crema Perfetta pressurized portafilter with which Gran Gaggia Prestige is equipped, it will be easy to obtain a milk froth with a work of art. Please note only that it is advisable to lightly level the ground coffee in the filter using the back of the measuring cup supplied.

Gran Gaggia Prestige


  • Type. As for ground coffee, different blends lead to different results, so it is important to focus on quality and the right composition. Furthermore, we remind you that the standard wafer must have a diameter of 44mm and must be well sealed, with 7 grams of coffee pressed inside.
  • Method. To enjoy the taste of a coffee like the one in the bar, follow the instructions in the booklet of your Gran Gaggia Prestige espresso machine. For the first coffee it is important to remember that the pod will only be inserted after having dispensed some water, having heated the filter and having emptied it of excess water. At that point it will be possible to place the pod inside and press the “express” button to dispense your delicious espresso.

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