Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive Review

Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive Review

Nemox has now become a leading brand in the production and distribution of ice cream makers for the domestic and professional sectors. Within this post we make a small review of the product Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive, a product designed for domestic and professional use and able to guarantee high quality ice creams.


Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive is an ice cream maker equipped with an internal compressor, a system that exploits the transformation of gases for cooling by subtracting heat from the external environment. In this way the product allows the preparation of the ice cream at a constant temperature unlike the accumulating models that also require longer cooling and processing times.

Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive

The engine power is 165 watts while the capacity of each basket is equal to 1.7 liters, a dimension that adequately guarantees the insertion of the ingredients. The production of ice cream at the quantity level is equal to 0.8 kg per cycle.


The dimensions of the Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive ice cream maker are quite large and require adequate open space also to facilitate the escape of air from the slots positioned in the side. The weight is adequate considering that the machine is equipped with a built-in compressor.

Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive

On the aesthetic side, the product has a regular front part with a relief at the back, which includes the internal compressor. The whole body of the ice-cream maker is made of stainless steel, testifying to the fact that it is a quality product under many points of view


Before starting the preparation of the ice-cream it is necessary to activate the pre-cooling function that brings the ice-cream maker to an ideal temperature for processing the ingredients in cold. The preparation lasts about 20/30 minutes, although it must be said that much depends on the ingredients and the recipe you want to make.

Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive

Thanks to the provision of two baskets, the first of which can be removed, it is possible to proceed with the preparation of more flavorswithout making unpleasant decantings. At the end of the preparation it is possible to keep the ice cream in the ice-cream maker up to a maximum of 20 minutes thanks to a cold-keeping function which is activated automatically, while if you wish to prepare another taste immediately it will be necessary to leave the engine at rest for about 10 minutes before starting a second cycle. In total it will be possible to complete two preparation cycles in less than two hours

In this case, the presence of an LCD display would have been useful to allow a control of the preparation times or the temperature reached by the machine.


In order to preserve the correct use of Nemox Gelatissima Exclusive, it is necessary to clean the outer walls of the removable basket well to ensure that no residues of salt remain which could eventually corrode the container.

Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive

The inside walls of the two baskets must also be properly washed: the first together with the bladder paddles, is washable with soap and water, the second one can be washed only with a soft cloth to prevent water from damaging the engine.

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