Nuova Simonelli Oscar 22 and Oscar Mood

Nuova Simonelli Oscar 22 and Oscar Mood

Nuova Simonelli Oscar 22 and Nuova Simonelli Oscar Mood are the latest models of coffee machines presented by Nuova Simonelli. In this article we present their main features and strengths.


Following the high demand of having an OPV, Italian commercial espresso equipment manufacturer Nuova Simonelli has unveiled the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 22. With this new model, they definitely went further to improve the coffee experience adding a factory preinstalled OPV system and a cool touch steam wand.

In particular, the Over pressure Valve (OPV), also known as an Expansion Valve, is technically a by-pass system that limits the delivery pressure in this new version of the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 22 and also in the Oscar Mood machine. Vibration pumps produce around 15-18 bar unregulated, depending on type. This is far too high for best espresso extraction so is not optimal, especially if the coffee used is a “specialty” or with a light roast. The OPV system limits and regulates the delivery pressure, in order to have a better result in the cup. Moreover, it is also possible to further lower the pressure by manually acting on the setting of the by-pass.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar 22


If you are looking to a softer extraction, we recommend you to buy the Nuova Simonelli Oscar Mood which includes a more silent pump that allows a softer extraction.
Oscar Mood espresso machine is also equipped with PID temperature control in its 2-litre boiler. The temperature is set through the control console in front of the machine, where the push-button for activating the steam wand is also located.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar Mood


The compact dimensions of Oscar 22 and Mood allow you to experience a moment of total wellbeing and enjoy the pleasure of coffee in a wide variety of places. The coffee machine is easy to use and it also adapts perfectly to the mood of different environments with a range of various colors to choose from, allowing you to get a full enjoyable experience of these products.

We are convinced that these new products will be the best candidates for your daily espresso thanks to the continuous research work carried out by Nuova Simonelli and the direct connection with its public to obtain the best feedbacks to improved technically and aesthetically. Our Caffè Italia team is proud to be Nuova Simonelli’s partner in this journey and we are extremely pleased with the excellent work done on these new upgrades.