Our review of Sage The Oracle

Our review of Sage The Oracle

Sage the Oracle available in Oracle and Oracle Touch models represents one of the best solutions on the automatic coffee machine market in terms of quality, productivity and functionality. The equipment features and functionalities make Oracle one of the best super-automatic coffee machine models available also for the domestic segment.


Sage The Oracle is a coffee machine defined as “bean to cup” as with a simple click on the button it is possible to activate all the functions of grinding and extraction of the coffee and milk-based drinks. The coffee machine is equipped with an integrated coffee grinder capable of offering different grinding levels and an automatic milk system which, through the action of steam, supports all the needs of frothing milk and producing milk froth. These functions are supported by first-rate equipment consisting of an efficient double boiler system, an Italian-made 15 bar pump and an advanced PID temperature control system.


The design is very elegant also thanks to the use of quality materials that make Oracle suitable for any destination environment: kitchen, office or small coffeeshop etc. The dimensions appear smart and compact despite the set of features available and the professional equipment.

Sage The Oracle


Although the appearance is very similar to a semi-automatic coffee machine, Sage Oracle automates all the espresso extraction operations. The only manual operation required is to move the filter holder under the head of the brewing unit so that the filter holder spouts are correctly positioned above the cups. Once this simple operation has been performed, you can click on the “Brew” button and Oracle will automatically take care of all the grinding and extraction processes. It is possible to choose between different predefined programs that allow you to obtain a long coffee or a narrow and creamy espresso.

The machine has a pre-infusion function which ensures a gradual increase in water pressure immediately after the grinding process. This process makes it possible to obtain a perfectly flavored espresso coffee. Everything is perfected by the action of the PID system which allows extraction at the most suitable temperature and by the already heated head of the group able to guarantee pre-infusion at the most correct temperature.


The grinding of coffee beans is a fundamental aspect of the espresso extraction process. This functionality is guaranteed by an integrated conical grinder made of stainless steel. The coffee grinder is activated automatically by turning the filter holder to the right. The control of the operations is guaranteed by the screen on the left of the machine that allows you to control the degree of grinding of the beans. Oracle also has an automatic pressing function that allows you to obtain a perfectly compact powder.


Also in this case, the appearance of the steam wand suggests that frothing of the milk must be done manually by the operator. The Oracle model, on the other hand, is able to aromatically froth milk using a milk system that involves immersing the steam wand inside a stainless steel jug (accessory included in the purchase). The next step involves choosing the amount of hot milk or milk froth that you prefer to obtain on the appropriate display. The foam is dispensed inside the jug. It will be up to the user to practice the best practices of latte art also thanks to the thermometer built into the jug.

Sage the Oracle coffee machine


The cleaning operations required by the machine include emptying the drip tray, cleaning the steam arm and the filter baskets. It is also very important to clean the filter holder which can be managed with immersion in hot water at least once a week.

The automatic descaling process allows you to keep the machine in proper operating conditions. On average, the descaling cycle is performed every 3 months but this also depends on the levels of use. The descaling process involves the insertion, inside the tank, of the descaling solution that will enter the system with a disinfectant and purifying action. The system will also take care of the rinsing phase. The descaling program takes about 30 minutes.


Sage The Oracle is certainly one of the best automatic machine models capable of preparing drinks of equal quality to those you could enjoy in your favourite bar. All the automatic functions of grinding, dosing, tamping and texturization of the milk simplify all the most complex operations of beverage preparation. The price is not very low but it is a compromised taste if parameterized to the simplicity of use combined with the quality of the drinks obtainable with Sage the Oracle.