Philips Saeco Maintenance Kit CA6706-47

Philips Saeco Maintenance Kit CA6706-47

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Complete Saeco espresso machine maintenance kit

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All you need for total protection

Complete Saeco espresso machine maintenance kit
This Maintenance Kit allows you to prevent your full automatic Saeco Espresso Machine to break down, while keeping it clean and running smoothly. Designed to give you the best performance of your appliance.

Effective protection of your espresso appliance

  • All you need to perfectly protect your Full Automatic
  • Perfect decalcification of water circuits
  • Protects your system against limescale build-up
  • BRITA INTENZA+Freshly filtered water for richer coffee aroma
  • Protects Espresso Machines against coffee residue clogging

Prolong lifetime

  • Cleaner water prolongs the life of your espresso machine

Sensational coffee quality

  • Maintains the coffee taste over time

Value Pack

  • Better value for your money (~30% discount)


All you need
The Saeco Maintenance Kit is the most convenient kit to perfectly keep the top performance of your Saeco Espresso Machine.

Special Espresso Decalcifier
The Philips Saeco decalcifier perfectly cleans all the water circuits in your espresso machine.

Reduces limescale build-up
Limescale is a natural part of water used for the machine's operation. This special decalcifier protects your appliance from the build-up of limescale which affects performance and taste. It is highly effective, safe and easy to use. For effective decalcification descale when the machine requires it or after 250 cups according to water hardness.

Longer lifetime
The water filter extends the lifespan of your espresso machine, ensuring you can enjoy the besttasting coffee for longer.

Coffee Oil Remover
The Saeco Coffee Oil Remover Tablets remove all coffee oil residues, while keeping your espresso machine working efficiently for best results.

Better taste and aroma
Regular maintenance ensures the best taste and aroma from your Saeco espresso machine.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification


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