Practical tips for a hot coffee in your cup

The Importance of Hot Coffee in the Cup

The importance of hot coffee in the cup

For many coffee lovers, the ideal temperature is a crucial aspect to fully enjoy the aroma and flavor of coffee. A hot espresso in the cup is not just a matter of preference but also a sign of quality and expertise in preparation. Temperatures play a crucial role in coffee preparation: they ensure the optimal extraction of essential oils and aromas from the coffee, directly influencing the result in the cup. To achieve hot coffee in the cup, it is essential to understand and control the temperature at every stage of the delivery process. This article explores how to best use coffee machines with HX (heat exchanger) technology to get a perfect espresso.

Understanding HX Technology

HX technology, or thermosyphonic heat exchange, is a fundamental feature in modern semi-professional coffee machines. This technology allows the machine to maintain a stable and uniform temperature throughout the entire extraction process, thus ensuring a consistently hot and aromatic espresso. Coffee machines like Nuova Simonelli Oscar Mood, Vibiemme Domobar Junior HX, and La Pavoni New Cellini Classic are excellent examples of how HX technology can enhance the coffee experience.

How to get a hot coffee with a heat exchanger machine

For anyone who loves to taste quality coffee, it is essential to understand the importance of maintaining a constant temperature along the entire path, from the tank to the heat exchanger, passing through the delivery group, to the cup. This concept is particularly relevant in coffee machines with HX (Heat Exchanger) technology, where temperature management is crucial. In these machines, heat is efficiently transferred from the steam boiler to the heat exchanger and subsequently to the delivery group, ensuring that every cup is served at the perfect temperature. To achieve optimal performance, it is essential to follow some key practices.

Understanding HX Technology

Keep the coffee machine always on. It is advisable to keep the coffee machine always on when you are at home for several reasons. First, it helps maintain thermal stability in the delivery group, ensuring an optimal usage temperature and avoiding temperature fluctuations due to turning the machine on and off, which can alter the coffee extraction. Moreover, a machine that is always on manages energy more efficiently, making micro-adjustments to maintain the set temperature.

An important consideration regarding the use of coffee machines with HX technology is the energy efficiency associated with keeping the machine on. Contrary to what one might think, leaving the coffee machine always on can result in significant energy savings compared to turning it off and on as needed. When the machine is turned off, it requires a high amount of energy to reach the optimal operating temperature from cold. This process not only consumes more energy but also takes time, thus delaying the possibility of enjoying a hot coffee when desired.

Keeping the portafilter inserted in the machine with the previously used coffee helps maintain the filter at the optimal temperature and dry the used coffee for quick disposal of the grounds. A cold portafilter can reduce the temperature of the delivered coffee by 20-25 degrees.

Turning on the machine: when the machine is turned on from cold, the boiler becomes operational in the correct mode in about 10-15 minutes, but the delivery group, especially the E61 group, only after about an hour. It is therefore essential to circulate the water to waste on the delivery group with the portafilter mounted to ensure adequate and uniform heating.

The importance of heated cups: a cold cup can significantly influence the perception of coffee temperature. It is recommended to keep the cups on the heated grid of the machine and avoid covering them with cloths or other objects that could hinder air exchange and cause overheating.

Avoid unnecessary hot water dispensing: it is important to avoid dispensing hot water from the machine when not strictly necessary. Every time the machine dispenses hot water, the boiler is partially emptied, and the pump introduces new water into the system. However, this new water does not immediately reach the ideal temperature, causing an overall drop in the appliance’s temperature.

How to get a hot coffee with a heat exchanger machine

Achieving the Perfect Coffee

In conclusion, these practices not only improve the experience of espresso coffee but also increase the efficiency and longevity of the coffee machine. However, if doubts or questions arise about how to maximize the efficiency of your HX coffee machine, do not hesitate to contact Caffè Italia’s technicians. Our team of experts is always available to provide advice, assistance, and support to ensure you have the best possible experience with your appliance. Always remember that coffee machines “do not make coffee”; they only extract it: the secret to exceptional coffee lies not only in the quality of the beans but also and especially in their grinding and the way the machine is used and maintained.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a perfect hot coffee every day. For any clarification, contact Caffè Italia and let yourself be guided by industry professionals.