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Quick Mill Anita 0990

Quick Mill Anita 0990

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Quick Mill Anita is a semi-automatic coffee machine considered by many experts as one of the best models on the market for the price range.

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Discovering Quick Mill Anita

Quick Mill Anita is a semi-automatic coffee machine considered by many experts as one of the best models on the market for the price range. Quick Mill Anita Evo combines elegant and refined design with professional functionality and performance. All for the benefit of coffee lovers who can get drinks with a perfect taste in a pleasant and satisfying way.

Quick Mill Anita is made entirely of mirror polished AISI 304 stainless steel (nickel plated chrome). The external stainless-steel housing with removable cup warmer and the anti-drop tray removable from the device are all made of ultra-resistant steel. These features give the Quick Mill Anita characteristics of extreme quality and durability.

Quick Mill Anita Equipment

Quick MIll Anita has an E61 professional group and a 1.6 liter copper boiler operating with heat exchange technology. This equipment allows you to simultaneously manage the extraction of the drink and the production of steam. The boiler temperature is controlled by a thermostat which detects any pressure drops to stabilize it at the correct levels. The pressure is also adjustable from a specific access door thus avoiding the removal of the body. Thanks to the classic thermosiphonic circuit, the E61 brew group can stabilize the temperature during periods of inactivity. Also in this case, the pre-infusion or the prolongation of the contact time between the water and the ground coffee is favoured for an optimal extraction of all the organoleptic properties of the Coffee.

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Quick Mill Anita is also equipped with a switch with magnetic sensor that can control the water level in the tank and maintain power to the pump. In case of low water level, the system blocks the power supply to the heating circuit but not to the pump ensuring continuity in the extraction operations. The 52-watt ULKA vibration pump has a thermal overload protection system. The expansion valve, accessible without removing the machine body, allows water to exit the exchanger when the machine is heating up.

Quick Mill Anita has a large 3-liter tank that can be refilled comfortably without removing the cup-warming tray. The interface is very simple and intuitive with a three-position central switch:

  • left for ignition and initial filling;
  • center for shutdown;
  • right for ignition and heating.

Thanks to the combined functionality of extraction and steam production it is possible to prepare excellent milk-based drinks. This latest functionality is also guaranteed by the professional stainless-steel steam nozzle with 4-hole nozzle. Quick Mill Anita is also equipped with two gauges positioned frontally to measure the boiler pressure (pressure gauge at the top) and the pressure of the group during extraction operations (pressure gauge at the bottom).

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Quick Mill Anita Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of the Quick Mill Anita are very simple to manage even if it is a semi-automatic model that requires manual intervention. The operations necessary to guarantee an excellent degree of efficiency of the machine are the following:

  • Periodic descaling.
  • Emptying the drip tray.
  • Cleaning of the steam wand.

Periodic backflush keeps the brewing unit of the machine clean. Descaling operations can be performed weekly with the use of specific products.

Technical Features

  • die-casted group with water circulating;
  • copper boiler 1.6 lt;
  • automatic pump refilling with electronic level sensor;
  • steam and water wand with joint;
  • manometer to control boiler pressure;
  • manometer to control bar during coffee brewing;
  • certified security valve;
  • solenoid sensor for water lack;
  • resistor block system;
  • pump block system;
  • security thermostat;
  • pump thermo-protector;
  • stainless steel cup warmer;
  • water tank capacity: 3 lt.;
  • 1 / 2 cups filter holder.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Dimensions W x H x D 

 27.2 x 40 x 43,5


1400 W


230 Vac 50Hz, 60Hz 115 Vac


1400 W



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