Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Latest Edition + Rancilio Rocky SD + Rancilio Base BS50

Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Latest Edition + Rancilio Rocky SD + Rancilio Base BS50

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Set composed by Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition, Rancilio Rocky SD Doserless Grinder and Rancilio Base BS50

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Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020

The pleasure of a perfect professional espresso is at your fingertips any time of the day. Influenced by modern design, Silvia is perfect for any type of décor and offers totally professional levels of performance and reliability. Thanks to Silvia, you no longer have to choose between style and functionality or design and performance. Experience the pleasure of a perfect professional espresso.

Silvia is equipped with a special boiler wrapped in a foam thermal insulator with a high rate of heat absorption. A feature that enables a significant reduction of energy consumption when the machine is on. In addition, the internal parts of the coffee machine in contact with water do not release toxic substances and do not compromise the quality of the beverage in the cup. The aim is to maintain great reliability and thermal stability, main characteristics of the Rancilio Home Line from its beginning. In full conformity with the European ErP directive, Silvia consumes less than 0.5 Wh (Watt-hour) in standby mode. The coffee machine shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity, as stipulated by the Ecodesign regulatory norms.

Influenced by modern design, Silvia is perfect for any type of décor and offers totally professional levels of performance and reliability. Thanks to Silvia, you no longer have to choose between style and functionality or design and performance. Experience the pleasure of a perfect professional espresso.

Technical Features

  • supporting structure: in black-painted steel
  • body and control panel: in satin-finish stainless steel
  • high thermal accumulation boiler
  • brewing unit and boiler: in a special lead-free alloy
  • professional brewing unit and filter holder

New Features

  • Elegant black group cover (polycarbonate material + ABS)
  • Stainless steel steam wand, durable and easy to clean
  • Professional tamper with black handle with 58 mm stainless steel flat base
  • New set of button icons


  • Filters with 1 and 2 doses, measuring scoop, tamper.

Rancilio Rocky SD Doserless

The MD series offers a range of dosing grinders designed to optimize the grinding of every dose of espresso. The powerful motor allows grinding at a low speed, which prevents the bean from overheating to maintain its aroma and keep the flavor intact. Rancilio offers models with different capacities. Robust and reliable, the entire MD range offers excellent performance at a low cost.

MD Rocky has grinding burrs with a diameter of 1.9 inch (50 mm), guaranteeing a production of 5.5-7.7 lb/hour (2.5-3.5 kg/h). The dosage is 0.2 Oz (7 g), with a capacity for 10.5 Oz (300 g) of coffee beans. Semi-automatic version.

The New Rancilio Rocky is the most durable coffee bean grinder available in its price range. It is extremely well made and we highly recommend it for home use and light commercial use. It is a dosing grinder, which makes it especially suited for use with an espresso machine. Although, it would have no problem grinding fine or coarse enough for any type of coffee/espresso machine you might have. The forks that are designed to hold your espresso machine portafilter in place are removable so that you may use any receptacle you want to catch the coffee. The Rocky is the grinder of choice for the finicky home barista due to its quality of grind and durability. Please note that most grinders are tested at the manufacturer and coffee grounds may be found in the grinder as a result. All machines sold are new unless otherwise clearly stated. 

This stainless steel version has a stainless steel back panel and base with a heavy-duty black case aluminum frame. This commercial-quality construction is durable and designed to match your other Rancilio products.

The Rocky can be quickly and accurately adjusted using its 55 different grind settings. To make the adjustment you just push down on a release lever and turn the bean hopper. You can quickly and easily change from course to fine. It can grind your beans into a fine powder for Turkish coffee or espresso and even course enough for French press. With a Rocky the most particular barista will be able to fine-tune their extractions to perfection.

The Rocky’s motor is legendary. It is the same motor that Rancilio uses in the Commercial MD40 grinder. It has a high temperature overload switch to prevent possible damage if a stone gets caught in the burrs.
Like the motor the grinding burrs on the Rocky are the same ones that Rancilio uses in the commercial MD40 grinder. They are the flat plate style and 50mm in diameter that are even designed to handle a commercial load. To turn the grinder on and off you just have to flip the switch that is located on the lower left front corner.

Both the bean hopper and ground coffee container are made of tinted plastic that are designed to help keep your coffee fresh. They both have covers that also help seal in the freshness.  The Rocky is designed to dispense the ground coffee directly in to your espresso machine portafitler. After the coffee gets ground it drops in the ground coffee container. Then just pull the handle and it will dispense approximately 7 grams of coffee through a small hole in the front directly into your portafitler. 

Rancilio Base BS50

The Rancilio base is designed to functionally and elegantly place the coffee machine and its indispensable grinder. This stainless steel base keeps the Silvia and Rocky organized in your kitchen. 

The knock-box drawer features a wooden rod to assist with removing the grounds from the porta filter

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020

Dimensions (WxDxH)

9.2 x 11.4 x 13.4 in - 235 x 290 x 340 mm


0.3 l (0.07 gal-UK)


230 V


30.9 lb - 14 kg

Boiler power

1,100 W


50/60 Hz

Rancilio Rocky SD Doserless

Dimensions (WxDxH)

120 x 250 x 350 mm


7 kg

Coffee bean container

300 g

Variable dose



2.5-3.5 kg/h

Burrs diameter 50 mm
Voltage 110 V / 230 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 140 W
Version semi-automatic

Rancilio Base BS50


Stainless steel


H66 x W485 x D335 mm




Additional Information

Model No
Grinder Model No


  1. The product is amazing but the packaging must be improved Review by Donato

    The products are amazing and I'm very delighted with my choice!

    The Rancilio Silvia V5 it's a great coffee machine, it's a little bit noisy but it make an excellent italian espresso coffee every shot (you just must find the right balance between coffee grinding and pressure on the basket). The only suggestion is to wait around 10-15 minutes for the water to be warm enough to make a good espresso or cappuccino.

    It was necessary to buy a proper tamper (I bought a Motta 58mm convex) because the plastic tamper supplied with the machine is almost useless. Also the grinder is noisy but he does his job really well. I only suggest to put a doser ring to prevent the coffe from spreading all over the basket.

    The coffee grinder was a little dirty with coffee powder: a note on the inside specified that it had been tested before it was shipped, and this was a little annoying but basically I think it's a very good thing.

    The base is very solid and stable, despite the weight of the machines and the grinder (21kg in total!) and the drawers are big enough to hold all the accessories that needed and the coffee ground residues.
    I believe It would have been useful to have a removable container to facilitate cleaning because the walls of the base and the drawers are very sharp and you have to be very careful when cleaning it or when you're going to remove the condensation made by the hot coffee residues.

    My only big concern was about the packaging: I have not seen any trace of polystyrene (for the prevention of damages caused by impacts) as specified on the website.
    Even the three products were placed awfully: at the base of the package there were the UK adapter, then above them was the base, and finally above the base there was the coffee grinder (well positioned) and the coffee machine (placed upside down).
    Thanks to this positioning, there was the risk of ruining the base and breaking the adapters, but fortunately nothing happened. I suggest to improve it for the future.

    After all this set is a good value of many and I highly recommend it.

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