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Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Latest Edition

Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Latest Edition

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Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition. Influenced by modern design, Silvia is perfect for any type of décor and offers totally professional levels of performance and reliability

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The pleasure of a perfect professional espresso is at your fingertips any time of the day. Influenced by modern design, Silvia is perfect for any type of décor and offers totally professional levels of performance and reliability. Thanks to Silvia, you no longer have to choose between style and functionality or design and performance. Experience the pleasure of a perfect professional espresso.

Silvia is equipped with a special boiler wrapped in a foam thermal insulator with a high rate of heat absorption. A feature that enables a significant reduction of energy consumption when the machine is on. In addition, the internal parts of the coffee machine in contact with water do not release toxic substances and do not compromise the quality of the beverage in the cup. The aim is to maintain great reliability and thermal stability, main characteristics of the Rancilio Home Line from its beginning. In full conformity with the European ErP directive, Silvia consumes less than 0.5 Wh (Watt-hour) in standby mode. The coffee machine shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity, as stipulated by the Ecodesign regulatory norms.

Influenced by modern design, Silvia is perfect for any type of décor and offers totally professional levels of performance and reliability. Thanks to Silvia, you no longer have to choose between style and functionality or design and performance. Experience the pleasure of a perfect professional espresso.

Technical Features

  • supporting structure: in black-painted steel
  • body and control panel: in satin-finish stainless steel
  • high thermal accumulation boiler
  • brewing unit and boiler: in a special lead-free alloy
  • professional brewing unit and filter holder

New Features

  • Elegant black group cover (polycarbonate material + ABS)
  • Stainless steel steam wand, durable and easy to clean
  • Professional tamper with black handle with 58 mm stainless steel flat base
  • New set of button icons


  • Filters with 1 and 2 doses, measuring scoop, tamper.

Steam nozzle, knob and drip tray grid. Professional image and a high level of quality thanks to the ergonomic design of the new commercial articulating steam wand and new steam valve. The new drip tray grid has been designed to make cleaning even simpler. Commercial filter holder design. The new ergonomic commercial filter holder together with the chrome-plated group cover enhance the professional image of the Silvia.

Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition, now consumes less than 0.5 Wh (watt-hour) in standby mode. It shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity, as stipulated by the Ecodesign regulatory norms. Rancilio LAB research and development department has gone even further than this. For us, innovation means operating for a sustainable future. For this reason, Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition is equipped with a special boiler wrapped in a foam thermal insulator with a high rate of heat and noise absorption. A feature that enables a significant reduction of energy consumption when the machine is on. In addition, the internal parts of the Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition in contact with water do not release toxic substances and do not compromise the quality of the beverage in the cup. The aim is to maintain great reliability and thermal stability

Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition. handle, is designed ergonomically to make using it easy. Other features of this coffee machine include a cup warmer and a multi-directional wand for steam that makes frothing easier. It also has an innovative grinder and a water reservoir. Its base is made in stainless steel making it an ideal machine for use in the kitchen. In addition, this coffee machine comes with a safety feature: the boiler has now a thermostat that turns the boiler off in case of a mal function

This coffee making machine is made with a contemporary setting in mind. Its looks and features are designed in a way that makes it a perfect product for a modern set up. Operational features of Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition make using it easy and quick in making coffee.  The Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition espresso machine is in a class all by itself.  Whilst most manufacturers have a range of domestic and commercial machines, Rancilio is primarily a commercial coffee machine manufacturer.  Rancilio only make one domestic coffee machine; the Silvia.  All the expertise of building high quality commercial coffee machines has been compressed and built into a machine for the home that has a reputation for solid performance and reliability.

The machine is now In full conformity with the European EuP directive, they now redesigned the button to power up the machine that is not longer with the on / off toggle, like in the previous model, now it returns to its original position when pressed

At the heart of the Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition coffee machine there is an electric pump made by by ULKA. The model is the ULKA EX4 23V operating at 48 watts.  This is the strongest pump in its class.  Here below a picture of the new pump.

Rancilio in Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition, completely redisegned the structure where the pump is located. In the older version there was a major issue on the stirrup which was often breaking down.

The Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition brews coffee the same way a commercial machine does.  The new Silvia Mod. E even has a commercial size, 58mm, portafilter.  The large size of the filter holder ensures the water is distributed evenly through the coffee.  This is part of the reason why the Rancilio Silvia Mod. E now is able to produce such good coffee. The group head and filter holder are made cast brass and are chrome plated.  Cast brass is the best way to keep the temperature stable during the brewing cycle because it retains heat, By using cast brass, as is used in commercial machines, the Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition produces shots that rival your best café coffees. The portafilter comes with a commercial, ergonomically designed handle, as standard equipment. Some other features of the Silvia include a built in cup warmer, hot water dispensing for hot chocolates, tea, and long espresso drinks.

Below all the the accessories you will receive with this amazing Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020.


A newly designed multi directional steam wand makes milk frothing even easier, as you can use a variety of size and shape jugs. The Silvia has a large water reservoir which is filled from the top of the machine so this can be done easily at any time for continual production of great shots. A good grinder is as important as a good coffee machine and this factor is often overlooked.   Also, don’t overlook a good tamper! There are also some safety features that are worth take into consideration. 

To our surprise, Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition has upgrades from the previous model that make this machine even more desirable!  It has a large brass boiler that allows for ample steam product, a solid brass 58mm group head for superior heat stability and an iron frame with stainless steel casing for long lasting durability. 

There is a thermostat for the boiler, another for the steam production, and a third thermostat that turns off the power to the boiler if there has been a mal function.  This third thermostat can be reset anytime as it is really a circuit breaker style switch.  It is located inside the machine so be prepared to remove some screws.  Also, the Silvia has a 3 way solenoid valve that releases pressure within the machine once the brew switch is switched off.  This helps prevent scalding and dripping as well as letting the coffee puck remain drier for easier knocking out. Caffè Italia sells more coffee machines than most retailers throughout the world.

This gives us a great advantage when it comes to comparing machines. If there is a problem model we soon learn about it.  Likewise, an outstanding machine also becomes known to us very quickly. Rancilio Silvia V6 E 2020 Last Edition. is a machine we love to sell because it is beautifully made, solid and reliable, and with a good grinder, beans and practice, will give our customers coffee that is truly enjoyable and without compromise.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Dimensions (WxDxH)

9.2 x 11.4 x 13.4 in - 235 x 290 x 340 mm


0.3 l (0.07 gal-UK)


230 V


30.9 lb - 14 kg

Boiler power

1,100 W


50/60 Hz




Additional Information

Model Manual
Grinder Model No


  1. Beast machine but purchase issues Review by Beast machine but purchase issues

    This machine is very robust, a tank as others have described it. Only made 4 espresso and a hot choc so far but textures well and pulls good shots.

    One issue was that some aspects of the purchase did not go well. For a start,.the inside of the machine was wet, particular the hoses which pull the water. This suggests it's been used. Second, the feet of the machine (x2 out of 4) completely fell off and I had to super glue them back on. The outside package was also damaged and had got wet, likely from the rain as inside package was dry apart from the machine. The courier is responsible for this.

    Courier also left the package in my stairwell without telling me, luckily an honest neighbor took it up for me.

  2. Second Rancilio Silvia Review by Japio

    The first Rancilio Silvia we have used for many years many times per day, gave up with a power leak a couple of weeks ago.
    Unable to get it repaired (if at all possible) we immediately decided to order a new one over the internet, as we are severe coffee addicts and we have been very happy with the machine functioning so far.
    That took about a week to be delivered from Italy.
    Fedex provided good tracking info during that week and delivered on the scheduled date.
    A sigh of relief and we're good to go for the next couple of years!

  3. early days yet Review by bob

    Following the instructions provided along with various videos online, it is clear that there is quite a learning curve before the machine delivers its promise.

  4. Machine review Review by Gw

    Can not fault the quality of coffee from the machine.

    Reading the comments above totally agree with some of the points mentioned. The chassis has lost essentially all of its paint where the moisture has got into it. Thought it was my machine but seems it’s to be a common theme. It does not look great.
    As said, can’t fault the coffee.

  5. very good machine Review by Johnnyhall1961

    bought the Silvia from Bella Italia as a replacement for my very old Gaggia Baby Class. the Gaggia was brilliant and about 15 yrs old so the pressure was on for a solid replacement. upon delivery which was 4 days in total i was unconvinced about the Silvia due to my familiarity with my old Gaggia, however after a short period of time i am very satisfied with the performance and quality of the Rancilio. It is well built and produces series amounts of steam for latte art, this takes time to master but once you have the idea its great. get some you tube tutorials on milk frothing to really get to grips with it.
    i would seriously recommend the Silvia for machines that are sub £500 and should last a long time.

  6. Poor quality Review by Jonboy

    Rusty Rancilio!
    Had the machine a few years and despite the claims of “quality” this machine is Rusting badly with paint bubbling up all over the chassis. Retailer unhelpful in dealing with my plight so left with a rusty espresso machine. I’d put my money on another machine.

  7. Bought for my future son in law! Review by Saz

    He prides himself on being a real coffee buff. When I saw the price I thought I was buying him a car. He assured me my go to Amazon deal buy was not in the same league. So he better marry my daughter.
    Needless to say its a Rolls Royce of a machine although he might say Lamborghini.

  8. Beautiful easy to use coffee machine Review by Bnaya

    I really like the machine, it's simple, easy to use, easy to clean and makes great coffee after you adjust everything.=
    The shipment from Italy to Israel was super-fast (less than a week), and the packaging was good.

    The only thing I can think of that can be improve is that the drip-tray is not tight enough to the frame and it moves. That can be fixed with a rubber or silicone on the tray's rails.

  9. Excellent build quality Review by Jonty

    A well built and solid machine. The quality is exceptional. Quick and efficient service from CaffeItalia. My only feedback is that the instructions could be more comprehensive i.e getting the coffee grind correct, tamping etc. I have had to go to YouTube to learn.

  10. Have 2 V3's- Very satisfied Review by Michael

    A truly great crema and milk frother.

  11. Pretty sound investment Review by Rick

    I have had my 2016 Rancilio Silva for just over a year now, coupled with their non-dosing grinder. In general I am very pleased with it. Insofar as it is not perfect, I note the following:

    1. Although I clean it out and dry it every time I use it (basically daily), rust has appeared on the front of the drip tray rack, where the powder coating has failed. Powder coating should never be used in a damp environment on steel, because it always soon fails, and once moisture gets under it, the rust rapidly forces off more of the coating.
    2. The pump is noisy and vibrates a lot. This causes whatever measuring glass or cup is under the spout to walk away, so you need to hold them in position.
    3. The steam spout has no frother on the output. It produces plenty of steam but requires quite a bit of technique to get consistent results. Some days I succeed, some days I don't do so well.
    4. The business of getting water steaming, then bringing the temperature down again, and then back up for the coffee, means the whole process is long drawn out, and making more than two single espressos at a session is not really feasible. Your guests have finished their coffee by the time the second batch is ready. It remains a bit of a palaver, though the unit heats up quite quickly.
    5. Be really careful to ensure that the portafilter handle is fully to the right, especially if you are holding the cups etc from rattling away from the coffee spout. If it is not fully engaged it can blow off very suddenly and with a lot of force, scalding you badly.
    6. It makes a big difference if you grind the coffee first and have the portafilter in place while the unit heats up, from putting it in at the moment you want to brew the coffee. Not sure if this is common to all machines, but the coffee gushes through if the portafilter is in place for any length of time. I always preheat the portafilter with hot water, or by leaving it on the Aga anyway, so it is not temperature alone.
    7. I descale and clean the system through monthly.

  12. Gigs Original Review by MrT

    Little Miss Silvia is now for 5 years in my possession.
    In addition to the Rancilio Silvia my collection included also another Gaggia Classic Coffee and a Vibiemme Domobar. These other two machines I have but sold again over the years, the Rancilio Silvia but use I still so happy as the day. Let's talk about the positive aspects: -Moderate warm-up time of about 20 minutes. -type solenoid - in less mess portafilter after the reference. -Homogenes Brühergebnis (eg still can be controlled using a PID of a degree) -Robust processing. The design is certainly not for everyone, but it suits me well, it is timeless and simple. Descaling is also relaively simplistic to Just enter the required amount of citric acid in the water tank and rinse properly with this water. Then again be run with plain water until the water is no longer sour tastes and the water color is clear again. (Is not citric acid cycle, which is water bluish). Thanks to the copper boiler, the cleaning with citric acid is not a problem. Some machines have an aluminum boiler, which must not be cleaned with citric acid, here is recommended eg Tartaric acid. This, however, is a lot harder to come by and average more expensive than the . citric Outside the warranty period repair work no problem, the machine had ever completely disassembled and reassembled - runs like the first day. milk froth: You get with the lance a very fine milk froth out Latte Art is no problem with this. Similarly enough , the boiler size also to foam larger amounts of milk. But for not wait until the heating lamp goes out, but about 15 - 20 seconds before starting to start foaming. So the boiler fueled by sufficient. Then as long as let off steam, to again escape the water and no steam from the lance. All in all I am very happy over the years with the machine and can put them each Espresso entry only to the heart. The only complaint is that the area of the drip tray (not the shell itself, but the track in which it is set) will start to rust after a while. Otherwise, price and performance in the Rancilio Silvia voices, I can recommend the machine fully.

  13. time a short feedback for processing after 8 years of use Review by Richard Blaine

    Few details have probably changed, but I recognize the product images still good my machine again. The price has now increased by 20%, which is well within the scope. When I bought my Silvia, I read, easily panicked by the rust problems. Therefore, I look up today scrupulously when inserting the drip tray on absolute dryness on the ground. Whether it is because I do not know any case my device is still untouched by rust. In my boost controller inside is pretty fast what broken, so you can easily pull out. Since I use the Silvia alone, I've never seen the necessity to repair the, as it does not interfere with the operation. About a year ago came off slightly the chromium coating on the (plastic) lining of the brewing unit. If the large-scale and thus is disfiguring, I will probably have to take care of times. That's to abnormalities in this long period. I hope my Silvia remains faithful to me for a long time. And today's buyers I press our fingers crossed that they have as much luck with this great coffee cook like me.

  14. A solid machine Review by RH

    Already the second Rancilio in use.
    Bin happy with it. Pros: The materials seem high quality and solid processed This is particularly true for housing and filter holder, etc. I particularly like that all parts can be replaced, if I am not mistaken there , You can buy more all relatively inexpensive on the internet and the technology was supposedly easy to repair itself ... that's what I like but my partner left;)) The coffee is delicious (if the variety fits naturally). A little bit of a nuisance is a long warm-up time. The leaves, however, by a "no-respect" shortened as a result. minor drawbacks: and to get the perfect foam, manual work is just asking. That's just in a fully automatic machine more comfortable and usually (in my not always the same foam quality) more secure. (But others are because perhaps more skillful than I -. me as my mediocre quality but also from) If there is a lot of visitors, it can sometimes take a long time and really I tend then to brew coffee (as in days gone by) takes Otherwise Aufzeitzeit too long. For 2 people it's totally okay with 3 people it goes. (drinking but from really large cups) The filter holder with the little use for espresso is not ideal - especially since you can let out only 2 cups (my espresso cups do not fit (to small) under the filter holder with 2 outlets. So I had to buy more to me a separate filter holder with 1 outlet. (But there are good accessories nachzukaufen) the supplied Stamper I find not so great. So also here a reasonable the same system sold. The water tank could bissel be greater, but is also a serious problem. CONCLUSION: think my purchase for me was the right decision. However, when I consider that I have paid for the necessary coffee grinder almost again the same price, I would have a very good can have fully automatic. BUT ... I would probably decide that again. Because - I can replace or repair the items for defects. - I can assemble the components yourself. - the coffee / espresso tastes.

  15. after some adjustments to the settings and brand of coffee beans it just works like a dream Review by oakey

    Had mine for a month now, after some adjustments to the settings and brand of coffee beans it just works like a dream now

  16. Super coffee machine Review by Anna Worle

    We have given away the machine and they came super and makes brilliant coffee. Definitely recommendable:
    Easy operation and good introduction.

  17. Good product ! Review by George Silvan

    Just received the miss Silvia ! It's very simple to use and the coffee taste fantastic!

  18. Worth every Euro Review by Hurz

    The Rancilio "Miss Silvia" is after Lelit PL41EM the cheapest "real espresso machine", which has a copper boiler and a Messingbrühgruppe. Opposite the mentioned Lelit it has the advantage of freely pivotable and practical lance (the one for generating milk froth required) and a screen diameter of 58 mm, for which there are screens for every taste. Included with the Silvia is a digit and a two-wire; a blind filter is not needed because there is included a small silicone mat inserted enables the backwashing in the Zweiersieb what amazingly works perfectly in practice, although it does not look as if it would work. The Silvia is considered robust machine, resulting from the experience of the many users who have this machine that is built with small modifications since 1989, bought, as well as from the fact that many of its components are also used in professional machines that were designed for use in cafés, installed , In other words, Miss Silvia is an investment for eternity. Is Miss Silvia worth twice the extra cost compared to a Gaggia Classic or more than double the extra cost compared to a Saeco Aroma? Undoubtedly yes. Because there are in the aforementioned machine kettle and brewing units made ​​of aluminum, on the one hand has a lower heat stability, on the other hand is suspected (with) to cause Alzheimer, but also responds to some descaler with blooming and of course not the pleasant feel and temperature stability Miss Silvia offers. In addition, the mentioned low-cost alternatives to Miss Silvia are now delivered exclusively with "Aroma-screen carriers". Where an outlet for the pressure required to brew the espresso powder and a labyrinth provides below the valve for swirling air into the espresso, making a foam is produced, pretending regardless of the quality of the ground material and the contact pressure at Tampern a Crema, but merely consists of air bubbles. Simultaneously, the aroma Espresso Machines are constructed so complex that they can be even with regular use of coffee degreasers not really clean. The Google Image Search promotes as revealed unappetizing. The Aroma Espresso Machines of the competing products are and will remain on closer inspection an unsavory affair, even if due to the regular rinsing with hot espresso can not really speak of unhygienic matter, because more than 60 ° C, the filter holder should be at least pasteurized. But there is always the taste of rancid coffee fat and the lack of a backflush of the brewing unit, which can be cleaned only by elaborate, complete disassembly. These problems of cost machine there at Miss Silvia NOT. The only criticism of Miss Silvia is the very small drain pan, which is indeed made ​​of stainless steel, but with the moisture can accumulate, leading to rust if you do not worry every night by removing the pan and wipe out for dryness. Despite repeated revision, it has the manufacturer until now not managed to relocate the drain hose so that it leads directly into the drain pan. The shop where I bought my copy has already extended the hose voluntarily in knowledge of this defect. This may not be the case with every Coffeeitalia retailer, however, should not deter a potential interested parties with a minimum level of technical skill or cleanliness of the purchase. The delivered by Miss Silvia Plastiktamper allows first steps in the preparation of an espresso, which with a little technical understanding , skill and luck also succeed, but because the Tamperdurchmesser is slightly smaller than the screen, you should replace it (even for aesthetic reasons) quickly against a right Tamper. However, a prerequisite for a good espresso is a mill that may grind finer than industrially pre-ground espresso supermarket, because that one can not even at festestem Tampern on the required cycle time of 25 seconds. However, this may not Miss Silvia; It should be mentioned only for completeness.

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