Ceado model E37

The Ceado E37S electric coffee grinder has achieved incredible success for Ceado. While some manufacturers have made very few changes to their designs over the years, Ceado has redefined the grinding of espresso coffee with the constant block design. It is also one of the very few coffee grinders that allow you to enter the grinding chamber without needing to be recalibrated. In this article we will take a closer look at the characteristics of the Ceado E37 coffee grinder which, thanks to the latest generation of electronics combined with Ceado reliability and innovations, allows you to obtain an always fresh ground coffee.

Characteristics of the Ceado E37S model

The unique and innovative elements that make up the Ceado E37S model allow the coffee grinder to bring out all the best coffee characteristics.

  • Redesigned grinding chamber: The Ceado E37S model has a redesigned grinding chamber and a discharge area that includes a slide and self-regulating access to control static electricity and aggregation.
  • Steady Lock Grinder: the coffee grinder is able to keep the distance between the grinders constant in any work load condition, allowing to keep the set grain size.
  • Quick Set Gear. The harmonious Italian manufacture of the Quick Set Gear mechanism simplifies the granulometry adjustment through a single simple gesture.
  • Touch display. The touch display enhances the elegant design of the Ceado E37 family. There is no longer a key to press, with simple touches you arrive where you want in a natural and immediate way.
  • Adjustable filter holder. A second element that characterizes this latest generation electric coffee grinder is the redesigned adjustable filter holder that works with single portafilter , double filter holder and bottomless filter holders, allowing you to have the dose of coffee in the filter holder without occupying the hands and the bartender during grinding.

Comparing models: Ceado E37S vs Ceado E37J

The Ceado E37J coffee grinder looks almost identical to the Ceado E37S but uses a smaller set of blades and a smaller engine. The only difference is the presence of 3 air vents on each side of the top plate of the Ceado E37S model, which is more powerful.

Both the E37S and E37J models are equipped with Ceado's constant locking system, rapid rotation and silent system. The constant block maintains the grinding dimensions consistent regardless of thermal expansion. The silent system uses insulating supports to reduce noise. Finally, both grinders use the same control panel.

Ceado E37S Ceado E37J