Devices for obtaining a perfect cream with a coffee machine

The integrated carafe, the cappuccino maker and the pannarello are the best solution to make a perfect cappuccino, without sacrificing taste and saving precious time. But which tool is preferable to use? In this article we will present the characteristics of the coffee machine accessories that allow you to obtain a perfect milk froth, just like the coffee you drink in your favorite bar.

Espresso Coffee Machine Accessories

The integrated carafe: milk cream with a simple button

The integrated jug, connected directly to the machine, is activated automatically by pressing the button of a milk-based beverage. The system emulsifies the milk twice, making it possible to obtain a flawless cream, always at the right temperature, ideal for the preparation of milk-based drinks according to tradition. A final advantage of this accessory is the possibility of storing it in the fridge following its use.

Saeco PicoBaristo is the compact super automatic espresso machine that delights coffee lovers with the variety of drinks it offers. Through the user interface you can choose from a wide range of drinks at the touch of a button and enjoy a creamy milk froth.

Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic

From the container to the cup: the emulsion of milk with the cappuccinatore

Thanks to the patented cyclonic chamber, the cappuccinatore prepares the best cappuccino ever tried. This system takes milk directly from a container, emulsifies it and automatically dispenses a very creamy foam directly into the cup.

Gaggia Naviglio is the right choice for making an art cappuccino using cappuccinatore feature. With your Gaggia coffee machine you can enjoy the perfect Italian espresso with just one touch, and you will have the opportunity to personalize grinding, length and body.

Gaggia Naviglio Espresso Coffee Machine

Soft milk cream with classic pannarello

The traditional pannarello is a manual instrument that delivers steam to create a soft and dense layer of milk cream, ideal for preparing hot and creamy cappuccinos, enriching your coffee, but also hot water if you prefer, a tea or an infusion .

Choose Rancilio Silvia, the espresso machine suitable for any type of furniture that offers, at the same time, highly professional performance and reliability. The temperature is kept constant during delivery, while the pannarello guarantees a full-bodied cream. With the Rancilio Silvia you will have the pleasure of a perfect espresso and cappuccino.

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Coffee Machine