The best technology for a perfect espresso coffee

The ritual of homemade espresso coffee is not always as pleasant as we would like, either because of a non-perfect technical knowledge of coffee preparation, or because of the use of coffee machines that are certainly not as performing as those in the bar. Modern espresso machine technology remedies this thanks to pressurized filter holders and traditional filter holders, so as not to renounce the delicious taste of an art espresso coffee at home. In this article we will present the features of both technologies that allow your coffee machine to achieve excellent performance.

Filter Holder

Get a perfect espresso in just a few simple steps with the pressurized portafilter 

The pressurized portafilter, always ensures the maintenance of the right pressure to get excellent results in the cup, whatever your level of experience. This system was created for less experienced home baristas and above all to allow the use of already ground coffee, without having to own a grinder or having to worry about adjusting the grinding.

Gran Gaggia Prestige offers the passion of traditional preparation in a compact stainless steel format for a perfect Italian espresso. The new Crema Perfetta pressurized portafilter ensures a thick cream, always.


The traditional filter holder: the right skill in preparing coffee

The traditional filter holder has the same size, diameter and style as a professional filter holder, and therefore requires more practice, skill and care for the elements used. Paying attention to all the details of the barista's ritual (from the type of mixture to the degree of grinding, from the pressure developed to press the coffee in the filter holder to the correct attachment of the filter holder on the group), you can obtain a perfect espresso, just like at the bar.

The Bezzera BZ09 PM is the ideal choice for all baristas and coffee lovers who are looking for a quality coffee machine with professional components. Thanks to the filter holder technology it allows to prepare coffee and creamy cappuccinos in a few seconds.

Bezzera BZ09