Sage the Barista Express Review

Sage the Barista Express Review

Sage The Barista Express is a coffee machine belonging to the line of kitchen appliances designed and used by professional chef Heston Bluementhal. The complete SAGE range is now available in the Caffè Italia store.

Sage The Barista Express is an espresso coffee machine equipped with an integrated coffee grinder that provides a slightly different operation from the “bean to cup” automatic coffee machines since it is necessary to grind the coffee inside the filter holder and press it manually.


Sage The Barista Express presents an innovative design certainly in line with the professional coffee machine models based on first-class construction quality. The material used is stainless steel. The dimensions allow an optimal placement within each kitchen space.

Sage The Barista Express


The features in the Sage Barista Express model include 10 levels of beverage length adjustment and 18 degrees of coffee grinding adjustment. The PID display allows you to manage the coffee extraction operations at the correct temperature. Sage The Barista Expressallows the preparation of tasty cappuccinos through a steam wand dedicated to the production of steam.

Sage The Barista Express

However, the absence of a boiler dedicated exclusively to the production of steam increases the times for obtaining the temperature necessary to produce milk froth. The manual function is very useful, allowing the “on demand” delivery of the drink, especially in the case of preparation of Americano or long coffee. Despite the large number of settings, the control panel is practical and intuitive.


In terms of maintenance, like any coffee machine, it is important to carry out periodic cleaning and descaling cycles in order to maintain regular operation. Inside the original packaging is included a first cleaning filter and a cloth needed to clean the steam wand.


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