The latest news from Gaggia

Since 1977, the Italian company Gaggia has been offering a wide range of semi-automatic and super-automatic coffee machines capable of responding to the different needs of each consumer and providing engaging “coffee experiences” within the own home environment.

The first coffee machine arrived on the domestic market back in 1977 was the Baby Gaggia with which Achille Gaggia brings espresso coffee from coffee shops to homes all over the world. With Baby Gaggia, thanks to the extraction technology patented by Achille Gaggia himself in 1938, it was possible to prepare and enjoy an espresso with the perfect cream directly in the comfort of your own kitchen. The revolutionary design of the machine, entrusted to Makio Hasuike, Japanese architect and designer, has contributed to making the machine a unique and inimitable style icon.

Gaggia Classic Lobster Red

For this reason, on the forty-fifth anniversary of the launch of the “Espresso at Home” vision, which identifies the entry of espresso into the homes of consumers, the Gaggia company has launched two initiatives.

The first is the launch of the Gaggia Classic Lobster Red, a pop version of the Gaggia semi-automatic model directly inspired by the Baby Gaggia. The model will be available in a brand-new lobster red color starting from June 2022. Classic Lobster Red maintains the characteristics of the Classic model with a painted stainless-steel body, chromed brass filter holder, three-way solenoid valve for constant pressure control inside the filter holder, the three filters to prepare a perfect espresso according to your level of experience, the two-hole steam wand to obtain a perfect milk emulsion.

45th anniversary of the launch of the "Espresso at Home" philosophy

The second initiative involves a collaboration with Carlo Stanga, an internationally renowned architect and illustrator, called to interpret the messages and vision of the brand in an image during these 45 years of espresso coffee’s journey into consumers’ homes. The artist summarized the corporate identity by creating a logo called “45 years of espresso at home” which describes the path that began in 1977 up to the present day. The illustration graphically translates both the company motto “tradition in constant evolution”, and Gaggia’s attitude to honor his past while inviting us to always look to the future.