The new line of Gaggia Espresso manual coffee machines

The new line of Gaggia Espresso manual coffee machines

Gaggia manual coffee machines embody the essence of authentic Italian espresso, offering you the chance to relive the rituals and gestures typical of the barista, right in your own home. With Gaggia’s new machines, you can control and customize every aspect of preparation: from choosing the blend, to grinding, to proper dosing, to milk emulsion. With dedication and practice, you will be able to improve day by day, achieving amazing results and feeling like a real barista in the comfort of your own home.

The new line consists of three distinctive models Espresso Style, Espresso Deluxe and Espresso Evolution.

The design of the new Gaggia Espresso

This line is designed to meet the needs of every coffee enthusiast, offering a synergy of refined design and advanced functionality. Each model in the Gaggia Espresso line is a masterpiece of design and technology, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. Attention to detail ensures not only a pleasant visual experience, but also very reliable quality and durability.

Gaggia Espresso line of manual coffee machines

Gaggia Espresso Technical Features and Functionality

Each model in the Gaggia Espresso line offers technical features and functionality designed to optimize the user experience and ensure a perfect espresso every time. From control over temperature stability, thanks to the PID system, to the versatility offered by the new filters and POD system. With Gaggia Espresso, every detail is designed to elevate the coffee-making experience.

The new ergonomic filter holder in Gaggia Espresso models is designed to provide a superior user experience, making it easy to insert and remove from the coffee group. Its shape and design are designed to ensure even and consistent coffee pressing, which is critical to achieving perfect espresso. The pre-infusion feature, found in Gaggia Espresso models, ensures that the water, during brewing, flows through the coffee evenly, preventing the formation of water channels and ensuring a rich, full-bodied and aromatic espresso. The new filters in Gaggia Espresso machines are designed to accommodate both ground coffee and paper pods, offering greater versatility and allowing for a variety of blends and formats. The jointability of the pannarello allows it to move in different directions, making it easier to insert the milk container and providing greater control during emulsification. The Drip Tray on Gaggia Espresso machines is designed with a 2-position system, which allows the height of the tray to be easily adjusted according to the size of the cup being used. The Memo Function is a smart feature that allows you to customize and memorize your preferences in terms of coffee length. This feature is ideal for those who want to enjoy their perfect espresso at the touch of a button.

Gaggia manual machines

What are the differences in the three Gaggia Espresso models?

Espresso Style Coffee Machine

The Espresso Style machine features an ergonomic filter holder and improved milk emulsion, ensuring rich espresso and velvety milk.

Espresso Deluxe Coffee Machine

The Espresso Deluxe model, with its PID system and pre-infusion function, offers precise temperature control and even more aromatic and intense espresso.

Espresso Evolution Coffee Machine

The Espresso Evolution machine guides you through each step to create the perfect espresso, from choosing the blend to grinding, offering detailed guidance and tips to achieve the best possible result.

Where to buy Gaggia Espresso machines?

The new Gaggia Espresso line represents an evolution in the art of coffee making, offering machines that represent a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Each model allows you to explore new methods of coffee preparation and remarkable possibilities for customizing drinks. Discover the full range of Gaggia manual machines within the Caffè Italia website.