Welcome to the Caffè Italia’s Warranty Assistance page. If your product has experienced a malfunction or defect and is still under the warranty period, you are in the right place to initiate the assistance process. Here’s how to proceed with the warranty assistance request.

  1. Access to Warranty Service: To start the warranty assistance process, please fill out the contact form available on this page.
  2. Shipping to the Service Center: Shipping the product to our authorized service center is the customer’s responsibility, who will bear the initial costs. You can arrange the shipment independently or use our ticket services: Easy Return for products up to 500£ or Premium Return for products valued over 500£. Shipping costs will be reimbursed only if the product, reported as defective within 14 days of receipt, is confirmed to be so by the authorized technical center. Reimbursement of shipping costs, up to a maximum of 43£ for products up to 500£ and 65£ for products over 500£, requires the presentation of a payment receipt. It is essential to adequately package the product to minimize the risk of damage during transport. Damage due to inadequate packaging is not covered by the warranty and will be quantified with a repair estimate.
  3. Return of Repaired Product: The return of the repaired product is covered by Caffè Italia if the defect is covered by the warranty. If the defect does not fall under the warranty conditions or is caused by improper use, a repair estimate will be provided to the customer, and the return shipping costs will be the customer’s responsibility.


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