Beko CEG5311 Review

Beko CEG5311 Review

Beko CEG5311 is an automatic coffee machine characterized by the adjustable height dispenser: finally you can say goodbye to coffee splashes on the kitchen top when you use the smaller cups! With the Beko coffee machine you can become a perfect barista at home, use the touch control display to pour a single or double espresso, or select the rinsing and cleaning functions to keep your coffee machine at its best. In this article Caffè Italia presents all the features of the elegant automatic coffee machine.


Beko CEG5311 presents a modern and minimalist design. Overall, the automatic espresso machine is built mostly of black plastic but has a brushed / polished chrome finish on the front. The drip tray and the tank are accessible from the front, allowing you to remove dirty water and used coffee grounds in a practical way.

The interface (LED Touch display) and controls are easy to understand and close at hand. The buttons are touch-sensitive and light up when necessary to signal problems. The automatic coffee machine is equipped with an automatic switch-off function.

Beko coffee machine


The Beko CEG5311 espresso machine is very easy to use. Beko CEG5311 can produce both single and double coffee, it also offers the possibility of setting one of the two modes as default. However, unlike other automatic coffee machines, it is not possible to produce two coffees at the same time.

The most important features of this automatic coffee machine include:

  • Height-adjustable dispenser, ideal for housing cups and glasses of different sizes;
  • Pre-infusion function, combined with 19 bar pressure, produces a quality espresso with a silky cream;
  • Integrated coffee grinder and milk jug
  • Aroma intensity adjustment
  • 3 different modes or speeds: Eco mode, speed mode and default setting;



The Beko CEG5311 coffee machine is very easy to clean, in particular it is very easy to disassemble most of the machine components, while the warning lights help to avoid any accumulation in excess and to signal different maintenance needs (filling the water tank, empty coffee grounds …). The espresso machine is automatically set for self-cleaning: at the start the machine proceeds with a hot water flush.

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