Compak K3 Touch Advanced Review

Compak K3 Touch Advanced Review

Since 1952, Compak has been introducing high quality coffee grinders on the market that are ahead of their time. The Compak Touch advanced coffee grinder represents the will of the company to offer an innovative, powerful and functional product, but also economic, able to prepare a coffee in a workmanlike manner. In this article Caffè Italia presents the distinctive features of this doserless coffee grinder with its powerful motor, able to work continuously in situations of high demand, maintaining all the properties of the coffee thanks to cold grinding at low revs.


The Compak K3 Touch Advanced doserless coffee grinder is characterized by clean lines and attractive design, details that make it unique compared to other mid-range coffee grinders on the market. Ideal for both domestic and commercial use, the coffee grinder is very light and has a large hopper for coffee beans designed to prevent jamming. Suitable for the most common dimensions of the filter holder, the professional coffee grinder can also be used hands-free.

Compak K3 Touch Advanced


Compak K3 Touch Advanced guarantees a granulometry for accurate Espresso and spectacular productivity. Thanks to the intuitive control system, the doserless coffee grinder sports optimum precision.

The main features of the Compak professional coffee grinder are as follows.

  • Perfect grinding: the continuous adjustment of the grinding makes it easier than ever to make changes to the fineness of the grinding, without having to use complicated adjustments.
  • Suitable for domestic use for quality coffee: the coffee grinder is designed to operate with a minimum number of revolutions, which means that the flat burrs from 58 mm remain as fresh as possible and do not transfer excess heat. The hopper has a capacity of half a kilo of coffee beans – more than enough to make it a moderate domestic or commercial use.
  • Multiple dosing systems: Compak K3 Touch Advanced is equipped with single, double or continuous dosing systems with an easily accessible aluminum handle rotation. It supports the timer function and at the same time the desired quantity of coffee can be adjusted manually.


The design of the Compak K3 Touch Advanced coffee grinder simplifies the cleaning of the hopper, the slide and the coffee grinder itself, making the K3 model very practical and quick to clean.

Compak K3 Touch Advanced

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