Caffè Italia presents the new Rancilio Silvia Pro X

Caffè Italia presents the new Rancilio Silvia Pro X

Rancilio Silvia is a domestic coffee machine characterized by a simple and clean design that we at Caffè Italia have been offering for decades in our online stores. The new Rancilio Silvia Pro X version maintains the appearance of the Rancilio Silvia but has totally different characteristics. It is difficult to underline the functional differences between the two machines as the Rancilio Silvia Pro X is like a supercharged Silvia with performance, functional specifications and professional-level components. We highlight below the main features of the new Rancilio Silvia Pro X.


  • Steam power for the preparation of milk drinks: the presence of a double boiler allows to dispense steam for the preparation of milk drinks in a continuous and efficient way. Double boiler machines are practically the unanimous choice for those who steam milk froth with coffee machines featuring heat exchanger technology.
  • Digital temperature control: most aspects of beverage preparation (water temperature) and performance (steam temperature and flow pressure) can be controlled using PID technology consisting of a simple and minimalist positioned control panel at the front of the machine.
  • Speed ​​and responsiveness: the machine reaches operating temperature very quickly and has a customizable shutdown setting. Although it is advisable to wait 10-15 minutes for the first heating, the machine reaches the brewing temperature in less than 5 minutes.
  • Thermal Stability: Using the WBC test for temperature stability at the water supply, there is a temperature range of 0-14 degrees Celsius. Commercial machines using the same test can range from -16 to 17 degrees.

The technology of the Silvia Pro X


This machine that looks so much like the Rancilio Silvia can operate at a completely different level in terms of performance control. It all starts with a high-power double boiler configuration that allows the supply of water and the production of steam simultaneously without any loss of temperature. Thanks to the PID controllers on each boiler, Silvia Pro X boasts competitive temperature accuracy. All this power is managed through simple dispensing commands, with digital display for easy management of the machine functions and automatic dispensing timer.

The new Silvia Pro X inherits all the proven technology of Rancilio Silvia, amplifying its functionality and performance through superior technological equipment capable of providing an even better barista experience. In particular, the Variable Soft Infusion technology allows you to soak the coffee disc gently in low pressure water for up to 6 seconds before reaching normal dispensing pressure. This infusion period smooths out the imperfections of the coffee disc during extraction and helps to highlight the unique aromatic notes of your coffee.

The Rancilio Silvia PRO X is an espresso coffee machine for the home or office but also ideal for small businesses and coffee shops. It features a single assembly and is compatible with a standard 58mm commercial filter holder. It has two separate PIDs, one for controlling the steam boiler and one for the coffee boiler. With this digital control, typical of professional coffee machines, it allows to obtain a great temperature stability.

The insulated stainless steel steam wand delivers powerful steam to create bar-quality macro foam in a short period of time. The machine has a 2 liter water tank that refills from the top and has a bottom water alarm. Silvia Pro is not designed to be connected to a water network. User-friendly features such as simple heat controls, built-in timer, ergonomic handle and adjustable drip tray height enhance the user experience. It is an easy machine to clean and maintain.

Rancilio Silvia Pro X

  • 0.3 lt insulated brass coffee boiler
  • Pt1000 temperature probe for maximum thermal stability
  • 1 L high efficiency steam boiler
  • Internal 2 liter tank with water level warning
  • Stainless steel steam wand with a full range of motion
  • NSF brass commercial unit, head and boiler for excellent heat retention
  • Variable soft infusion system
  • Ergonomic 58 mm filter holder with 8 / 18g basket