Caffè Italia presents Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima

Caffè Italia presents Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima

Victoria Arduino launches Eagle One Prima, a professional espresso machine for one group capable of conceiving a new way of enjoying espresso coffee. The machine is characterized by a very eclectic design in which there is a “capsule collection” of six different colors.

Eagle One Prima is a machine dedicated to baristas who are starting their own business, to roasters who want to research and offer a pleasant coffee experience for their customers and of course to coffee lovers who want a high quality espresso at home.

Eagle One Prima has a particular technology called NEO (New Engine Optimization) which uses an instant heating system capable of reducing heat dispersion and energy consumption. Eagle One Prima, through NEO technology, allows you to heat only the amount of water necessary for extraction operations, thus reducing energy consumption. Prima’s boilers are made of stainless steel and protected by an innovative material that guarantees high thermal insulation and prevents heat loss.

Eagle One Prima

The use of Eagle One Prima is very simple thanks to the keyboard with three bright LED keys that notify an alert in case of overheating of the machine or tank to be filled. Eagle One Prima can be used through the dedicated mobile app that allows you to set the temperature and extraction time. In addition, it is possible to create customized recipes that can be shared within the user community. All the more complex features can be managed from the mobile app.

Here is an overview of the main technical features.

Width 411 mm
Depth 510 mm
Height 379 mm
Cupwarmer 330 x 280 mm
Group Height 153 mm
Weight 37 Kg
Power Min 1600 / max 2600 W