Ceado launches the new E5P and E6P models

Ceado launches the new E5P and E6P models

Ceado, a company that represents the cutting-edge technology in the field of coffee grinders, presents the new E5P and E6P models characterized by innovative features that will make grinding operations easier both in the domestic and professional fields


The new Ceado E5P is a coffee grinder with compact dimensions suitable for both domestic and professional environments. The compact design easily adapts to any location space and the extreme ease of use makes it ideal for any type of use.

Ceado E5P is equipped with a Steady Lock Grinder system that ensures the constant distance between the grinders, allowing you to keep the correct grain size setting even in situations of heavy workload.

The novelty of the Ceado E5P model, in addition to the standard black color, concerns the on-demand functionality that can be activated in a simple and intuitive way using a dedicated button.

Ceado E6P


New Ceado E6P is a compact coffee grinder suitable for any space of use. The new E6P model has been redesigned in all its components and mechanisms, obtaining even more comfortable and precise operation.

Ceado E6P is built with light alloy materials, asynchronous motor with thermal protection and polycarbonate bell. All these materials guarantee high reliability and high level performance.

The attachment of the filter holder, easily adjustable, allows to obtain the doses of ground coffee directly in the filter holder without occupying the barista’s hands during the operation. The optimization of the spaces in the new Ceado E6P model has allowed the introduction of a comfortable touch display aimed at regulating all the grinding operations. As for the Ceado E5P model, the standard model is in black.