Lelit Grace PL81T review

Lelit Grace PL81T review

Lelit Grace PL81T is a coffee machine with professional features and a compact and elegant design that makes it suitable for any type of home or professional environment. Lelit Grace represents an ideal solution for coffee lovers who want to enjoy an excellent espresso in their kitchen with an economically accessible machine with characteristics similar to those belonging to the most professional lines.


Lelit Grace PL81T, entirely made of stainless steel, features a professional brewing unit with 57 mm filter holder and a single boiler dedicated to coffee extraction and steam production. Warm-up times are very fast and usually less than 10 minutes. Lelit Grace 81T has a standby system that reduces the temperature of the machine after 30 minutes of activity, safeguarding its energy efficiency. The coffee extraction and hot water delivery buttons are positioned above the brew group as well as the backlit pressure gauge dedicated to controlling the pressure during coffee extraction.

Lelit Grace


Lelit Grace presents a small LCC touch control panel dedicated to controlling coffee extraction operations, steam production and pre-brewing time adjustment. The panel screen also warns you when the water in the tank reaches a low level. The filter holder, thanks to its ergonomic shape, is very comfortable to use both for pressing coffee and dispensing the drink on one or two cups. When the water level reaches a low level an alert appears on the control panel screen.  Steam can be delivered thanks to the multidirectional steam wand.

The drip tray is very large and slides outward for convenient extraction. The cup warmer tray is also very large and convenient for keeping the cups at the ideal temperature. Lelit Grace PL81T presents a 100mm space between the filter holder outlet and the drip tray. In this way, the machine can also be used with taller glasses and mugs.


In terms of maintenance and cleaning, the Lelit Grace PL81T machine has an integrated cleaning cycle that can be managed with the appropriate detergent powder and can be activated by simultaneously pressing the coffee and hot water dispensing buttons.

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