Discovering the Bellezza Chiara coffee machine

Discovering the Bellezza Chiara coffee machine

The Bellezza Chiara semi-automatic coffee machine is part of the Bellezza line distributed by the German company specializing in the production of domestic and professional coffee machines capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding baristas and all lovers of espresso coffee.

The approach of the German company stands out for the high attention to detail that is reflected in all phases of the production process and for the strict quality control that the company applies to the selection of components and application technology.

Bellezza coffee machine

The Bellezza Chiara coffee machine is part of this highly qualitative context. Chiara is a compact and reliable machine capable of providing high-level performance for the preparation of espresso coffee and all milk-based beverages. Despite its compact size, Chiara presents a double boiler system with dual circuit heat exchange technology: one dedicated to the filter holder and one to the milk frother. In this way, the machine allows you to extract the espresso and obtain steam at the same time. The machine is also equipped with the classic and always reliable E61 group, a 1.8 liter stainless steel boiler and advanced pre-infusion functionality with PID temperature control system. The machine, available in two models, is equipped with a vibration pump and a rotary valve for the Chiara model and a tilt valve for the Chiara Leva model.

Thanks to this equipment, the Chiara espresso coffee machine uses a heat exchange system that allows constant control of the infusion temperature and that of the steam destined to produce milk froth. This technology allows you to obtain delicious cappuccinos and tasty milk-based drinks quickly and professionally. As for espresso coffee, the “shottimer” system allows you to control the duration of the extraction, thus favouring an extraction with perfect aroma and tastes, avoiding too bitter flavors or an aroma with a not very strong taste.

Bellezza Chiara PID

The machine has a typically Italian design made entirely of stainless steel with particular attention to the finely worked side parts. The machine fits perfectly both inside a home environment and inside an office or a small coffee shop.

The Bellezza Chiara and Bellezza Chiara Leva models are available in the Caffè Italia stores along with the entire Bellezza range. If you need further information or technical advice, we recommend that you contact the Caffè Italia sales support team who will be able to show you the model that best suits your needs.