The new line of Gaggia Anima automatic coffee machines

The new line of Gaggia Anima automatic coffee machines

Anima is a line of automatic coffee machines launched by Gaggia. Four models of espresso coffee machines with a compact and elegant design: Gaggia Anima, Gaggia Anima Deluxe, Gaggia Anima Class and Gaggia Anima Prestige.

The four automatic espresso machines offer the possibility to customize and memorize the preparation settings of the different beverages by pressing the corresponding button for a few seconds. All Gaggia Anima models are equipped with an LCD display with buttons that guarantee greater control and visibility, and facilitating coffee preparation.

Thanks to the Optiaroma function it is possible to create a customized espresso by selecting the degree of intensity of the aroma, while the adjustable 100% ceramic grinders allow you to select the degree of grinding of the coffee beans, from the finest for a more intense taste, to the coarsest for a light coffee. The pre-infusion function allows the contact of water with freshly ground coffee, giving body and taste to all coffee-based drinks.

The models are characterized by an elegant and modern design and offer 3 different milk emulsion solutions, to meet the needs of every home barista: integrated milk carafe, cappuccinatore and classic stainless steel milk frother.

Gaggia Anima


The Gaggia Anima automatic coffee machine, thanks to the classic stainless steel milk frother, will allow you to feel like a real barista and comfortably create and enjoy creamy cappuccinos at home, or dispense hot water for tea and herbal teas.

Gaggia Anima Deluxe


The Anima Deluxe model is characterized by an auto-cappuccinatore that takes the milk from a container and emulsifies it automatically, dispensing a velvety foam into the cup. You can create espresso, long espresso, emulsified milk or hot water in just one click!

Gaggia Anima Class


Using an integrated milk carafe, the Anima Class automatic coffee machine allows you to prepare customized coffee and milk-based beverages, also dispensing water for the preparation of infusions or tea. Thanks to the Quick Clean milk circuit cleaning, it is also possible to deeply clean the milk circuit in a few seconds after each use, ensuring perfect hygiene.

Gaggia Anima Prestige


The new Gaggia Anima Prestige allows you to prepare 5 different coffee and milk-based drinks (from traditional espresso to cappuccino), to meet all the needs of coffee lovers. Thanks to the integrated milk carafe you can in fact prepare creamy cappuccinos with a simple click. In addition, the automatic coffee machine is hygienic and practical thanks to the automatic cleaning cycle and the ability to conveniently store it in the fridge.


All four Gaggia Anima models will complete our rich assortment of Gaggia coffee machines and will soon be available for sale. Within the data sheets of each machine, you will find all the technical information and characteristics of each model. If you want to deepen your needs in detail, we recommend that you contact our sales team who will be able to direct you to the model that best suits your needs.